Noisia Radio this week: Forbidden Society goes in deep with ‘Resist’ and Ivy Lab drops ‘Husk’ from their ‘Blonde’ EP. All this and more new music by Molecular, Synergy, Not Yes, Thys & Amon Tobin, Høst and more… Enjoy!

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Forbidden Society – Resist [FORBIDDEN SOCIETY]
Ivy Lab – Husk [2020]
Screamarts – Get Physical (Stokka Remix) [IMPACT]
Molecular – Saga [DELTA 9]
Watch The Ride – That’s Da Shit [RINSE]
Synergy – Intervals [DIVIDID]
Resslek – Urgent [ENGAGE]
Volatile Cycle & Dropset – Descent [C4C]
Sunchase – Elevator Dance [KASHTAN]
Høst – Semi Secular [BANDCAMP]
Master Error – Mankind [PICKLOCK]
Dead End – Spike [UNCHAINED]
Division – Fallout [EKOU]
Burr Oak – Red Cloud [BLACKOUT]
Not Yes – Huh [INTRINZIC]
Creatures – Dragon’s Lair [SKANK AND BASS]
Ben Snow – Out In The Streets (Voltage Remix) [ELEVATE]
Notequal – Dissolution [SIN.FULL MAZE]
Koen – 1402 [OUTPUTS]
Circumference – Shlock [SOULVENT]
Cecil Hotel – Sour [FLEXOUT]
Jack.Lion – Opaque Demo [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Thys & Amon Tobin – Somewhere Else [VISION]

Noisia Radio S06E49