It’s that time once again; Hex is back on the Dojo decks with a fistful of new beats from GEST, Phonograph, Zero T, Radiax, Loxy & Resound, Sleepnet and many more, plus unreleased music from Joakuim and a new track from Hex’s forthcoming EP on Free Love Digi. Check it out!

Philth & Wreckless – Stone Cold [Dispatch]
DJ Trace – Ditch [117]
Phonograph – Feel So High [Hyperactivity Music]
Quartz – Coercion [Metalheadz]
Dub Phizix – Game Over [Senka Sonic]
BassDubbers – Lardar [Abyssal Music]
Dom & Roland – The Search For Meaning [Dom & Roland]
Neve & Ben Verse – United [Guidance]
Enok, Mathis & Sonny G – Cosmic Thought [Free Download]
Pyxis, Auris – Ribbons [Goldfat]
Nuex – The Last Touch [Flight Pattern]
Moth – Sugar Crashing (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Kemal & Rob Data]
Hajimari – Naptown (McLeod Remix) [Context]
Zombie Cats – Never [Eatbrain]
Subcriminal – Dragon Egg [X-AMNT]
Leo Wood, Villem & Mcleod – Lions [Fokuz]
Volatile Cycle ft. Wingz – Drown (Rizzle Remix) [EKOU]
Echo Motion – Persistence [Yumi]
Skuff – For Real [Save Our Souls]
Motiv – Meant To Be [Fokuz]
TedX – Atacama [Resonance PR]
Basic Biology – Babylon [Free Love Digi]
Radiax – Alright [Unchained]
Invadhertz – Blue [4NCY]
Hex – Vats of Acid [Free Love Digi Dub]
Loxy & Resound – Psyche [Dispatch]
Evolved – Mutation [Delta9]
Geety & Skydata – Solace [Omni Music]
Channell – Imagination Runnin’ (feat. 2b.Frank) [Inform]
Sonic Rain – Last Goodbye [Influenza Media]
Particle – Audio Visual [Critical]
Blockdata – Exas [Ohm Resistance]
Sleepnet – Angel Blade [Vision]
Whiney – Freedom Dub [Hospital]
Kuantum – Body High [Hyperactivity Music]
Dan Guidance & Alpha Rhythm – Reminiscent [Celsius]
Jaskin & Uneven – Serpentine [Modern Conveniences]
Joakuim – ID [Dub]
GEST – Inertia [Shogun]
Xenon – Dissolved In Disorder [P Lab]
Nuphlo – Ripped Genes [Machinist]
Mineral – Rain [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Plox – Obsessions [Terra Firma]
Incus – Variance [Tesseract]
Faith in Chaos – Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Kemal & Rob Data]
Mystic State & Captivate – Departure [The Chikara Project]
Om Unit – Celestial Envoy [Om Unit]
Xtanki, YLS & Zero – Lined Up [Amen Lisboa]
Fracture – Biscotti [1985 Music]
Skream – Midnight Request Line (Origin One Jungle Bootleg)
Maltin Worf – Thirsty [Defrostatica]
PAV4N – Karma (Yung.Raj & NATE08 Footy Flip) [4NCY]
SPKTRM – Down [AGN7 Audio]
Monika – Earnest Earn [Monika Music]
d enigma – question mark [VALE]

DNB Dojo Podcast #52 – Feb 2021
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