Catch an exclusive interview with Goldie on DJ Stretch’s show on
Marking 20 years of Metalheadz..I’ll be playing some of the early classic’s from the legendary Metalheadz label and hear what Mr Goldie had to say about music, life, art, influences and the 20 years journey of MetalHeadz.

Excuses some of the early mixes had to battle and deal with the gremlins…..All live and
about the beats!!

Here is the playlist for DJ Stretch 20 YEARS OF METALHEADZ (with exclusive GOLDIE interview) courtesy of @10Inchpress

Dubplate – VIP
DJ Peshay – Represent
Doc Scott – Far Away
Alec Reece – Basic Principles (Remix)
Alex – I need your Love
Wax Doctor – Kid Caprice
Doc Scott – Blue Skies
DJ Peshay- Psychosis
J Majik – The Spell
Hidden Agenda – On The Roof
Rufige Kru – Crisp Biscuit
Manix – Exclusive Dubplate
** Stretch & Goldie Interview ** Metalheadz
Inner city Life (Nookie remix)
Doc Scott – It’s Yours
Rufige Kru – This is a Baad (Source Direct Remix)
J Majik – Needlepoint Majik
Rufige Kru – Dark Metal
Dillinja feat Cybatron – Silverblade
Rufige Kru – Still Life (Photek Remix)
Optical – Raging Calm
Rufige Kru – Kemistry (Grooverider Remix)
Asylum – Base II Dark
Source Direct – Web of Sin
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix)
Source Direct – Stone Killer
Adam F – Metropolis
Digital – Niagra
Rufige Kru – Jah (Peshay Remix)
Photek – Consciousness
Lemon D – This is L.A
J Majik – Your Sound
Ed Rush – Density
Peshay – Predator
Total Science – Silent Reign
Hidden Agenda – Swing Time
Doc Scott – Drumz VIP
Rufige Kru – Sinister (Grooverider Remix)
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
Dillinja – Angels Fell
Source Direct – The Cult Hidden Agenda
Despatches #2
Sci-Clone – Hold On
Sci-Clone – O.D
J Majik – Arabian Nights
Dillinja – The Promise
Dillinja – Brutal Bass
Wax Doctor – The Step
J Majik – Freefall
Marcus Intalex – Universe
John B – Up all night (Remix)
Rufige Kru – ST Darkie VIP Dubplate

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