This is the third and final part in a series of mixes showcasing our 18 year production journey so far.

These mixes have taken us on a personal ride back through the years we’ve spent making music together and a reminder of all the amazing experiences and opportunities that it has provided us.
Hope you enjoy them as much as we have putting them together.

Battery – Darker Shades (Spearhead)
Battery – Aquarian Jazz (Warm Communications)
Battery & Philth – For Real (Dispatch)
Battery – Future Proof (Metalheadz)
Battery – Hornsey Dub (Metalheadz)
Battery – Essence (Renegade Hardware)
Battery – Holding On (Warm Communications)
Battery – Shake Down (Metalheadz)
Battery – Take 4 (Metalheadz)
Battery & Mokoto – Submerge (Hospital)
Battery – Dusty (Prestige)
Battery – While We Play (Dispatch)
Battery – Everything (Metalheadz)
Battery & Philth – Majesty (Dispatch)
Battery – Replicant (Ram)
Battery – NoNo (Metalheadz)
Battery – Whodini (Horizons)
Battery – Addictive (Warm Communications)
Battery – Funky Mule (Dub)
Battery Passenger (Dub)
Battery – Cells (Dispatch)

All Battery Mix
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