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Khemophlarge – Un-Scene [2001]

titan – ram trilogyaneurysm – drumsound and simon ‘bassline’ smithbackdraft – dj predatorpac man – ed rush + opticalpipe tune – loxy + inkcan’t punish me – dom + rolanddeadline – digital9 numbers – total science -(phantom audio remix)bodycount – usual suspectschampion sound – q project – (total science hardcore will never die remix)gunk – decoder + substancehide u – kosheenbleed – kemal + rob datawhiplash – future cut – (lemon d remix)what’s up now – the pedge – (marcus intalex remix)babylon – splash – (dillinja remix)dubplate – wot’s my code – (total science remix) Starting off by going back to where it all began – all the way back before I wasn’t tired of people misspelling my DJ name on flyers! This was the first drum and bass mix CD that I circulated around Adelaide (and beyond). I had some covers printed up and then spent hours upon hours burning CDs one by one and putting the CDs and covers into the jewel cases. This was pre-high speed internet, so I couldn’t just post a link and get people to download or stream it. Hundreds of these bad boys were handed out to promoters, DJs and punters at various […]