titan – ram trilogy
aneurysm – drumsound and simon ‘bassline’ smith
backdraft – dj predator
pac man – ed rush + optical
pipe tune – loxy + ink
can’t punish me – dom + roland
deadline – digital
9 numbers – total science -(phantom audio remix)
bodycount – usual suspects
champion sound – q project – (total science hardcore will never die remix)
gunk – decoder + substance
hide u – kosheen
bleed – kemal + rob data
whiplash – future cut – (lemon d remix)
what’s up now – the pedge – (marcus intalex remix)
babylon – splash – (dillinja remix)
dubplate – wot’s my code – (total science remix)

Starting off by going back to where it all began – all the way back before I wasn’t tired of people misspelling my DJ name on flyers! This was the first drum and bass mix CD that I circulated around Adelaide (and beyond). I had some covers printed up and then spent hours upon hours burning CDs one by one and putting the CDs and covers into the jewel cases. This was pre-high speed internet, so I couldn’t just post a link and get people to download or stream it. Hundreds of these bad boys were handed out to promoters, DJs and punters at various events throughout Adelaide or through the Adrave email list (RIP).

I hope you enjoy the mix, regardless of whether this is your first time checking it out or you are one of the people who copped a CD back in the day and want a trip down memory lane.

Khemophlarge – Un-Scene [2001]
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