Kenny Ken – Mix & Blend Part IV – April 1994


Leviticus – Burial (Madamoselle Mix) [Philly Blunt]
Mr E, Dillinja & Clarky – Sax Into The Night [IQ]
Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (Electric Boogie Mix) [V]
The Candyman – Sensi Addict [Hyper]
Hyper On Experience – Ouiji Awakening [Moving Shadow]
System X – Feel It [3rd Eye]
007 – Time Travel [Formation]
Skool Of Hard Knocks – Kan U Feel It [Grand Larceny]
The Darkest Knight & M.C. Duke – Just 4 You (Vocal Mix) [Hard Disk]
Paul Z – Talking To God [Street Beats]
Remarc & Lewi Cifer – Ricky [Dollar]
Mad Dog – My God [Underdog]
D.J. Panik – Revelation [Hardline]
Ratty – Source Of All Evil [Formation]
Rogue Unit – Rogue Unit Jam (Mickey Finn Remix) [Labello Blanco]
Lemon D – Deep Space (I See The Sunshine) (Remix Part 1) [Planet Earth]
Dubtronix – Dubtronix Theme [Sub Assertive Sounds]
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow]
DJ Phantasy & Gemini – I Feel Free [Rogue Trooper]
System Ex – Say It [Entity]
Ned Ryder – U As One [Back 2 Basics]
Asend & Ultravibe – The Promise [Back 2 Basics]
Tomba – Surviving The Last Puff [Pufa]
Asend & Ultravibe – What Kind Of World [Back 2 Basics]

Calibre & DRS – Live @ Boomtown CH8 – 2016

00:00 – Calibre – No One Gets You
06:20 – Zed Bias – Give Up The Ghost (Calibre Remix)
10:03 – Alix Perez – Room 667
14:20 – DRS feat. LSB & Tyler Daley – The View (Calibre Remix)
17:20 – LSB – Capture My Heart (ft. Dain Stuart)
20:50 – Random Movement – Cash Or Credit (Halogenix Remix)
23:55 – Skeptical – Narko
26:30 – Calibre – Amen Tune Feat. DJ Marky
30:20 – Calibre – Strumpet
34:27 – Dub Phizix – Oi mate, your glasses have got no lenses in
36:40 – DRS – The Puppeteer ft Jubei
39:30 – Calibre – Iron balls
43:10 – ID – ID
46:30 – Calibre – Echoes
48:20 – Calibre – Even If
51:50 – Calibre – Notting Hill
55:20 – Calibre – Drop It Down
57:40 – Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestic


onesevenfour 013 – Signal

David Carbone – Shadows (Royalston Remix) [BS1]
Surreal – Left Behind [Bad Taste Recordings]
Cnof & Western Sea – Again [Fokuz Recordings]
Invadhertz – Mercury Rising [Bad Taste Recordings]
Nemy – Runaway [Celsius Recordings]
Tweakz – Liger [Dub]
Jubei & Tyrone – Avalon [Metalheadz]
Noel – Don’t Leave Me [ProgRAM]
Anthony Kasper – Mayday [Fokuz Recordings]
Cnof – Summer Breeze [Fokuz Recordings]
Danny Byrd – Holy Star [Hospital Records]

Alix Perez – BXL [1985 Music]
Amoss & Fre4knc – Animal Rain [Dispatch Recordings]
Black Barrel – Dark Place [Lifestyle Music]
Esym – Lost Within (Future Engineers Remix) [SubSine Records]
Jubei & Tyrone – Stabs [Metalheadz]
HLZ & Survey – Chlorophyll [Warm Communications]
Volatile Cycle & Wingz – Time’s Up [Lifestyle Music]
Sublimit – Sway [Four Corners]
Invadhertz & Qua Rush – Damn [Delta 9 Recordings]
Klinical – Harsh Cold [Dub]

Artificial Intelligence – Missing Piece [Integral Records]
Severity – Broken Hearted (Whiney Remix) [Unchained Recordings]
Kiril – Reload [Critical Music]
Document One – Aiight [Shogun Audio]
Colony – Mi Bredrin [Hustle Audio]
Danny Byrd – Roll The Drums [Hospital Records]
Krakota – Hot Rain (feat. Dynamite MC) [Hospital Records]
Friction – Killing Me (feat. Rothwell) [Elevate Records]
Crada – Hoppers [Beat Spectrum]
Nemy – Waste Your Time [Dub]

Guest Mix

John B Podcast 177: John B @ Sun & Bass 2018 (Alternative Set at La Cinta)

Here it is! My ‘Alternative’ Set from La Cinta Beach at Sun & Bass 2018!

Previously I’ve played more niche Italo Disco stuff at sun & bass for my ‘alternative’ sets so I thought it would be good to switch it up and not duplicate what I’d done previously – so this time I decided to go all out megahits from the 80s & 90s for a proper beach party vibe, then work in some of the D&B remixes of 80s stuff I’ve amassed over the years to bring the energy up at the end!

Words can’t describe how much fun it was and how happy I was with how it went! This was my first day at S&B this year and what a great start to the week! Big Love to everyone that was there and shared the occasion – if you couldn’t be there I hope this recording brings you a bit of that San Teodoro sunshine!

I really hope you like the set – and if you do, please share it online with your friends – it really helps more people see the posts & hear my music!

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xxx John B

John B DJ Bookings: (World) (USA/Canada)


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UKF Podcast #110 – Riddim Commission

Celebrating the recent release of UKF Bass Culture 4 with Riddim Commission taking the controls of the UKF Podcast with 50 minutes of the finest in bassline & bass house, featuring tracks from Chris Lake, Flava D, AC Slater and many more!
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Roni Size and DJ Krust – Minirig Mixtape

Bristol allstars, Roni Size & DJ Krust on the one’s & two’s this week with this live & exclusive mix brought to you by Minirig!

“Roni Size & DJ Krust Minirigs Mixtape – Live At Band on the Wall in Manchester”

Very few record labels can claim to have had the same impact on the UK music scene as significantly as Full Cycle Recordings. Often mentioned in the same breath as other iconic labels such as Good Looking Records, Metalheadz, RAM, Dope Dragon, Talkin’ Loud and V Recordings, the label has gone onto shape the current sound of UK dance music from the mid 90’s onwards.

Musical friendships like those that helped create Full Cycle aren’t created overnight, Krust and Roni originally met at an interview for a job they were both going for. Suv could be found at local spots like the legendary Ajax Blues Club whilst Die shredded the streets of Bristol on his skateboard and was linking with Roni’s older brother’s Lasertronic Soundsystem in the early days of his music making career. After the original members spent a long weekend at Glastonbury Festival, Roni Size, Krust, Die and Suv left with a shared vision that would go on to re-shape the foundations of dance music.

Bryan G and Jumping Jack Frost gave Roni some early opportunities to release music on the legendary V Recordings, a move which started a long and productive relationship between the London and Bristol crews, but due to busy release schedule the pre-Full Cycle members found their own music building up with long delays on release dates (as well as feedback from other labels suggesting they change their names as ‘Roni or Krust would never be big’). The crew had to get their music out and couldn’t wait any longer. ‘Fuck it, let’s do it ourselves’ became their mantra and in 1994, Full Cycle Records were born.

The four original members shared a vision of how they wanted they’re music to sound, evolving the early energy of Jungle, Ragga Jungle and Hardcore to incorporate deeper elements from Jazz, Soul, hip hop, funk and blues into new forms of dance music. One of the labels early releases ‘Music Box’ by Roni Size and Die (released in 1994) is considered a seminal release that will go down in history as one of those records that changed so much in the scene whilst being inescapable at the time. Borrowing elements from the crates and combining those sounds with the raw, drum-led power of jungle and deep sub bass, the group had created a sound that they could truly call their own.

As the label continued to grow and influence the direction of jungle and drum and bass even further, new projects and members were introduced into the busy release schedule and extended family. Artists such as Clipz (now Redlight), D Product, Heist, Tali, Surge, Bill Riley and J Raq continued to add to the Full Cycle catalogue throughout the 2000s, whilst carving out their own place in the constantly changing sound of drum and bass. Other collaboration projects on the label such as Breakbeat Era (Roni, Die and Leonie Laws) and I Kamanchi (Die and Krust) are still considered to be classics from the era, receiving critical acclaim and continuing to be held up as a reference point for current producers in Drum and Bass and beyond.

After 15 years of successful releases, the label took a break from releasing new music and the four original members of Full Cycle pursued new musical interests and solo projects. Now the time is right for the label to return with their unrivalled back catalogue of classics; a run of live showcases with originators Roni, Krust and MC Dynamite; and a special remix package from some of the most respected producers in the world of dance music. Things do go Full Cycle…

Carlito & Addiction Promo Mix for Spearhead Presents @ EGG:LDN – 2nd Nov 2018

Carlito & Addiction go in the mix to give you a taste of things to come when they hit EGG:LDN for Spearhead Presents on the 2nd Nov.

Grab tickets here:

Lineup: Calyx & Teebee, Rene LaVice, Fabio, Cyantific, John B, Seba, Dexcell, Redeyes, A1rshots, BCee, Anile, DJ Lee, Carlito & Addiction, Phil Tangent, Saikon, Walk:r, Lens, Villem & McLeod, Zero T, Mako, Riya, Insular

Plus in Cell 200: The History Lessons
Fabio (Liquid Classics
Seba (All Vinyl)
Utah Jazz (History Set)
BCee (All Vinyl)

MC’s Across 4 Rooms:
2shy, Degs, Dynamite, Fava, K-Eye, LX One, Ruthless, Seige, Tempza, Visionobi

DNB Dojo Mix Series 76: Whychek

London producer Whychek steps up with a half hour of power for our latest exclusive guest mix! Featuring his latest work for The Dreamers alongside a selection of tidy rollers and some timeless classics, this is pure D&B vibes; what better way to spend your Sunday?

Whychek – Lock & Key
Air. K & Cephei- Savannah (Gerra & Stone Remix)
Bert H – Fly With Me (Bop Remix)
Voltage – Suspicious
LSB – The Optimist
Fluidity – Deeper Vibe
Satl – Midnight Moon
Rockwell – Underpass
LSB – Sketch For My Sweetheart
Commix – Be True
Logistics – Together

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