Introducing S:mack.

S:mack, a DJ hailing from Tarntanya (Adelaide, AU) with a remarkable 17-year history of passion and enthusiasm for the music scene. Over the past decade, S:mack has honed her mixing skills, transforming her hobby into an art form, and has recently celebrated her one-year milestone since her live debut.

Recognised for her unique style, S:mack seamlessly blends the essence of old-school classics with cutting-edge tracks, skillfully intertwining girly lyrics with grimy rollers to create a unique sound.

S:mack’s musical prowess has graced a multitude of SA venues and events, making appearances at events such as the SA DNB party, Winston, and private gatherings. She teamed up in a B2B collaboration with her partner in crime, St3ph, during an girls’ night, further solidifying her reputation in the SA scene.

S:mack has had the privilege of playing events like Fight Them With Bass and Subalicious’s DNA. She also showcased her skills during a memorable B2B set alongside St3ph at a producer’s night at the Gala Room.

Her achievements also include supporting Mampi Swift and Roni Size in the Barossa Valley, an unforgettable experience that showcased her proficiency and versatility behind the decks.


Newy Bass Crew: 066 Introducing… S:mack