As winter draws in Hex is back with another fresh selection of D&B and Jungle on 360 sessions #22! New music inside from Joe Ford, Enei, InsideInfo & Kemal, Calibre, Red Army, Concealed Identity, Ternion Sound and many more…

DLR – Burn It All (ft. Kathryn Brenna & Hal) [Sofa Sound]
Emperor – Pranged Out [Blackout]
Task Horizon – Inner Worlds (Joe Ford Remix) [Evolution Chamber]
Paranoiac Del – Cinematic [Paperfunk]
Al Pack – Miami Vice [Celsius]
Nookie – Future Forever [Metalheadz]
Black Opps – R2FS [Dispatch Ltd]
DJ Trace – Sonar (Mark System Revision) [117]
Genic & Fokus – Ruff Dem [Dispatch]
Grim Hellhound – Reiterant [T3K]
Creatures – Laser Beam Dreams (feat. Codebreaker) [Overview]
Ahmad – Timecode [AGN7]
Bruises & MC Fokus – Digital Dust [Rebel Music]
Neuron – Window Light [Celsius]
TRCD – Vector [VTO Records]
ihsetik – Air Raid (Ekwols Remix) [Indicator]
Enei – Want It [Critical]
Inkognitiv & Osmas – Society Iz Sick [DLT9]
Soulchaserz – Falling Down [Monkey B Studio]
Dnblaw – Jungle Book (feat. Kd) [Dub]
Aeron Aether & Aleyum – East Of Eden [Beats In Mind]
Valdy – Purpose [Influenza]
InsideInfo & Kemal – Ripples [InsideInfo]
QZB – Point Precision (feat. MC XL) [Critical]
Theezer & Moody Djinns – Ghost [Shell Shock Recordings]
Adred & Dave Owen – Close Your Eyes [Metalheadz]
Red Army – Hemlock [Armory]
Calibre – The Game [Signature]
Zombie Cats & Redemptive – Centauri [Dispatch]
dreadmaul & Ornette Hawkins – Roots [Runes]
Kray & Lyndon Jarr – The Sunset Strip [Goldfat]
Children Of Our Stars – Bliss [Children Of Our Stars]
dgoHn & Badun – Untitled (everything is same size) [Love Love]
mA++ – Listening to Kenny Dope [Dub]
Jonah K – Passenger (Lyndon Jarr Remix) [Samsara Beats]
Joja – Funk Key [Spearhead]
Su3lime – Gone [Sub Label]
Concealed Identity – Hold On [Repertoire]
Astral Haze – Transposed Dreams [Omni Music]
Poj – Accept the Unknown [Omni Music]
Floor Twenty – Nocturnus [Muti Music]
Ocean Dawn – Echo Chamber [CNVX]
Fanu – Tek Ten [Lightless]
NonRev – Inconsequential [Codedname RCRDS]
Kid Lib – The Streets (Tim Reaper Remix) [Future Retro London / Green Bay Wax]
Law & Kola Nut – Self Control (Dwarde Remix) [Repertoire]
Text Chunk – Nani [EVAR]
Soulox & Soeneido – Lavish (Comfort Zone Remix) [Future Retro London]
James Shinra – Codex [James Shinra]
Mitekiss – Hearing Voices [Goldfat]
Ternion Sound – Concrete Bench [Vision]
Luke Sentric – Snake Fists [XSentric]
Seba & Paradox – Volt [Ilian Tape]
Response – Be With Each Other [Headzstate]
Ivy Lab – Ghost [2020 LDN]
AKOV – Esoteric [Symbiotik]
Dolenz – Bassic [Exit]
Yedgar – Jaded [Yedgar]
Ternion Sound – Particles [Vision]
Fasme – Solar [Analogical Force]
Hex – Monday Mood [SmallPrint]

Hex – 360 Sessions #22
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