AGN7 Audio Podcast July 2019

We’re back! This is the third installment of our podcast series. Lots of great music (both new and classic), some exclusive forthcoming material that will be dropping on the label very soon, and of course our usual banter. Enjoy!

Aaren’s mix:

Ivy Lab & Two Fingers – Orange (20/20)
TMSV – Replicant
Quartz & Gremlinz – Oblong Druid (Metalheadz)
Lyndon Jarr- Zellwigger (The Dreamers Recordings)
Kabuki – Alkaline (Halogen Music)
Neuroleptick – Ephemera (Regression Media)
Kit Curse – Gone (Conspired Within Music)
Amit – Naked Fuse (Metalheadz)
Arclight – Saskatchewan (Vandal Records)
Taelimb – Titan (The Chikara Project)
Ill Truth – So Addicted (CIA)
DJ Trax & Infest – State of Consciousness (Omni Music)
Hydro – Above The Waves (Utopia Music)
Wreckless & Necrobia – April (Dispatch Recordings)
Indidjinous & Code 906 – Tenebre (AGN7 Audio)
Seba – Island Dub (Inperspective Records)
Rainforest – Inner Breeze (Next Phase Records)
No Rules & Khords – Trojan (Regression Media)
Dubmonger – Dutty Barracudas
Flare – Arguments (AGN7 Audio)

Raphael’s mix:

Paragon – Iris (Tech Itch)
Outer Heaven – Trapline (UVB-76 Music)
Paradox – Hakai (Paradox Music)
Mirage – No Tomorrow (2019 Remaster) (Odysee Recordings)
Gremlinz & Jesta – Opium Den (Metalheadz)
Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla – Further Peaks (Cosmic Bridge)
Dom & Roland – Dred Sound (Dom & Roland Productions)
John Rolodex – Knife Drawer (Funback Records)
Flare – Arguments (Indidjinous Remix) (AGN7 Audio)
Centaspike – Homecoming Queen (Tech Itch)
Deft – Coil (20/20)
Cern – Premonition (Dispatch Recordings)
J Majik – Repertoire (2018 Remaster) (Metalheadz)
Dark Ops – Burgundy Breaks (Rebel Music)
Soul Intent – The Old Skool Is So Kool (Dope Plates)
Spirit – Interval (Dispatch Recordings)

Membrain Festival Promo Mix-Dominic Ridgway
1. I Wannabe – Phormula Acid (Regression Media)
2. Optimystic – Run Me Down (Omni Music)
3. Digid, Dubbing Sun – Special Patrol (DJ Madd Rmx)(Moonshine Recordings)
4. Touchy Subject – Seek & Find (RUA Sound)
5. Material – 16 Tons Dub (Alphacut)
6 Subminimal – Disrupt (Ortem)
7. No Rules & Khords – Trojan (Regression Media)
8. TMSV – Junglis (Perfect Records)(NL)
9. Oliver Yorke – U No (Forthcoming None60)
10. Commix – Bear Music (Hospital)
11. Total Science – Contraband (Metalheadz)
12. Acid Lab – Dub Fever (Delta9 Recordings)
13. Outer Heaven – Genjutsu (Proximity Recordings)
14. Frame, Neve – Belly Dance (The Dreamers Recordings)
15. Jaskin & Uneven – Change You (Forthcoming None60)
16. Samurai Breaks – My Sound (Halogen Music)
17. Diagram & Getz – Fetch-Light (Interactive)
18. Sinistarr – Torpor (Defrostatica)
19. Soul Intent Ft. Chris Gittins – Nearly There (Vocal Mix)(Lossless Music)
20. NotioN – Thundered Dragon (Eternia)
21. Out Of Fuel – Fragments (Forthcoming Ronin Ordinance)
22. Fuj – Backhand (Regression Media)
23. Dj Madd – Watch Forward (Roots and Future)
24. James Bless – Disco Biscuits (Dexta Rmx)(Sweetbox)
25. Hiddenwave – Up All Night (Scientific)
26. Oak – Untitled 09 (Microfuck)
27. Dissident – H2Oil (Pinecone Moonshine)
28. Samurai Breaks – Righteous Movemnents (Halogen Music)
29. Dlebb, AhZ – Dream Of Agnes (Kos.Mos.Music)
30 Groves – Uselef (Unchained Recordings)
31. Spinnet – Finite (Regression Media)


Started at 2016, Membrain festival is an underground bass culture festival that is nurturing its community, abiding by the original ethos that sprouted the whole movement and keeps propelling it still today. For some, it may be reminiscent of raves while at the same time being different and best of all in a very relaxed mediterranean surrounding.


Membrain Festival is here to bring cultures together, share a community-based vibe and bring back the essence of the underground ideal, as much as to create opportunities to network and promote between up and coming with established artists/labels.


Martinska, Šibenik (Croatia) is where the event will take place, surrounded by beautiful nature and the sea, makes it ideal location where you can enjoy famous iodine salt rich Adriatic, chill out under the pine trees, walk over the pebbles while you dive into the sounds of the subs.


Starting on 8th of August and going on until 11th, last day is intended as a soft landing and chill out while the disassembly slowly begins.

Weaponry Session #13 TORN

Just ahead of his label debut, Torn has recorded a few of his favorites for the 13th installment for the Weaponry mix series.

The ‘Anaxios EP’ is available everywhere Friday, 28 June.

Get yours now at
Follow @djtorn-1

Clan Wars Podcast 007 (Free Download)

Big thanks to all the producers and labels that sent me beats and a thank you to everyone supporting this mix series.
** Download Wav File For Better Audio Quality **

Artist Mix #011 – Kyam

Kyam showcases his love for breaks and deepness now. His new imprint @unbiddenaudio has left a great impression on us here we love his versatility and narrative approach to the genre. Watch out for his new track ”Eye To Eye” forthcoming this month on Genso Vol.1

01. Dyl – Principle Of Alternate Possibilities (Paradise Lost)
02. Torana – Rescind (Weaponry)
03. Dubmonger – Varmints (Unreleased)
04. Kyam – Circadian (Unbidden Audio)
05. Ricky Force – Special (Repertoire)
06. Samurai Breaks – Testing Ground (Fragmented Recordings)
07. Dreadmaul – No Education (Unreleased)
08. MSymiakos – Guru Meditation (X Nation remix) (Soundcloud)
09. Sl8r – Zig Zag (Deep In The Jungle)
10. Kayaman – Warrior Clash (Yeska Beatz Unltd)
11. Mole the Dipper / The 3D Crew – Dark Guru (Bear Necessities)
12. Polarity – Breakin’ (Unreleased)
13. Counterstrike & Cooh – Computer Control (Counterstrike Recordings)
14. Structure – Talisman (Unreleased)
15. Ahmad & Akinsa – Monolith (Vykhod Sily Recordings)
16. Kyam – Constitution (Unreleased)

Kyam Social

Clan Wars Podcast 005 (Mixed By Shiken Hanzo) Free D/L

Clan Wars Podcast 005 is to support and to promote my Forthcoming 12″ Vinyl & Digital **White Gorilla Cult EP (Hojo Clan)**
Out on 24th August 2018

Available from these online stores: // // // // //

Big thanks to: Ancestral Voices / Apostroph / ASC / Homemade Weapons / Last-Life / Lemna / Moduleset / The Untouchables / Torn / Yanai / Cylon Recordings / Eternia Music and Samurai Music for contributing to the podcast.

Also Big Thanks to everyone supporting this release and Hojo Clan.

CBR Podcast 03 // Vromm

Cosmic Bridge Podcast series continues with Vromm

Vromm “For The New Dawn” out on 6th July 2018

Bandcamp >>>

1. ???
2. mako – Let the Truth be Heard
3. Kid Drama and Skeptical – Run Deep
4. Vromm feat. Om Unit – Stargazing
5. ???
6. Vromm – Restart
7. Oliver Yorke – Silver River
8. Om Unit – Ulysses Return
9. Blocks & Escher – Gulls
10. Concealed Identity – Third stone
11. Om Unit & Sam Binga – Never Been to Berghain
12. The Untouchables – Fibreglass
13. Vromm – Odisea
14. Vromm – ???
15. Lemna – Knot
16. @John Rolodex – Keep on Truckin (Morphy Remix)
17. Seba – External Reality (Om Unit Remix)
18. DBridge – I’ve Seen (Vromm Unofficial Remix)
19. Kid Drama – Whole train
20. Overlook and Mono – Ritual
21. Skeptical – Enjoy this Trip
22. ???
23. Vromm feat. Agama – For The New Dawn

Homemade Weapons – Weaponry Session #10 Introducing TORANA

Weaponry Session #10 June 2018 Introducing TORANA.

I’ve invited new Weaponry recruits, Torana, to takeover the first part of the recording, followed by a few from myself.

Please follow the featured artists for track list info:


Fanu – Breaks N Beats Podcast #21



As always, it’s my pleasure and duty to expose you to amazing breaks and beats of the bass music world.
Jungle, footwork, halftempo, drum and bass…that’s the name of the game.
80–170 BPM breaks and beats and bass music!

Aeon Four – Transient
Aeon Four – Water Margin
Fanu / FatGyver – Machinedrummachine [Defrostatica]
J Majik – Hidden Menace [Reinforced]
Detboi – Ice Cold Blood On The Drums [Metalheadz]
Graham Greenleaf – Time [Rupture]
Dillinja – One For The Trouble [Deep Jungle]
6Blocc & Shamanga & Calculon – Call Out [Defrostatica Records]
Dak – Murot On Loppu (Bandcamp)
DISSIDENT – Cocosmos [Microfunk]
Lewis James – Searchtower [none60]
Nucleus – Raw Delux [Rupture]
Out Of Fuel – Dead Light [Din Is Noise]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Never Been to Berghain [Bunit]
Balatron – Zout [Sublimate]
Balatron – Dat Paper Crunch [Sublimate]
Nuendo – Numbers Station [dub]
Glyphic & Kolanek – Breakpoint [dub]

Convention Session No.5 – Hyroglifics

It has been quiet for a while on our Soundcloud… But… No worries! We’ve got you a brand new mix! With releases on labels such as @critical-music, @diffrent… he is well known in the scene. We are talking about Hyroglifics! To celebrate our first birthday we are bringing Hyroglifics to the Social Club (Leuven), Belgium on the 23rd of February! A variety of wonky halftime beats and deep rollers will be present! Be sure to check the event on Facebook!

Event link:

Facebook page:

mixed by @hyroglifics

DiffmasCast 2017

Moooooey Diffmas Everybody!!!

Yes.. We’re back… Dexta, Leano & Sense bring you the 2017 edition of the annual Diffmascast – featuring a whole load of guests from the Giraffe camp new and old… Becca Jane Grey, Chris Inperspective, Chris Conduct, Cuelock, Fearful, Kez & Simon Kolectiv, Lakeway, Mauoq & Sexual Rice. There’s plenty of mulled wine, eggnog and minced pies floating around the room, too many ‘Dickmas Tree’ pictures and festive cards made by all the crew… Join us to see who wants to sit on Sense’s lap throughout the festive season, and if anyone’s up for a cheeky mulled wine enema? (Don’t ask!) Anyway, here’s our review on the year, and a glimpse into what’s to come! Try to enjoy!

Dexta & EHT – Amethyst (Dexta’s Malfunction Mix)
Lakeway – Shelled
Still – Northern Lights
Sense MC x Lynx – Disconnected
Ditate & Slekk – Stunt
D’tch – Want
Ethos & D-Los – Tempting Fate
Mauoq – Humble Warrior
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Underground
Fybe:one & Hyroglifics – With You
Crypticz – Give U All (ft. Flunky)
Dexta & Crypticz – Together
Lakeway – Storm
Fearful & Pheekz – Hostile Transmission
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Just Because

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
PS: No actual elephants were hurt during the making of this podcast.

#GiraffeCast #DiffmasCast #BuyTheAlbum #DrinkTheEggNog #MullTheWine

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Homemade Weapons – Weaponry #9 June 2017

Weaponry #9 June 2017

Support the following for release details of the music used for this recording:


Thanks for listening.

Mark Kloud – Transit FM 06.18.17

Special Sunday (Father’s Day) Show. A lot of new tunes hit the inbox over the past couple of months. Here are a few of them, including some of my favorite Marcus Intalex tunes, RIP.

Danny Scrilla – Cryopod – Cosmic Bridge
1127 – 54nx7 (Beatnok Remix)
Swayz – They Don’t See You – Onset Audio
Crypticz – Shapes of You – Cosmic Bridge
Soul Intent – The Futurist feat. Chromatic – Lossless
Silent Dust – The Giant (Marcus Intalex Remix) – None60
DJ Mineral – Soul Toucher – ???
Kontrast – Reflections – Lockdown Recordings
Margari’s Kid – Pwd – Cosmic Bridge

Dailiv – Boucan – Absys Records
Concealed Identity – Disclosure – Ronin Ordinance
Mark Kloud – Angels Arc – Sublimate Records
Ghoulcut – Ancient Realms – Onset Audio
Marcus Intalex ft. DRS – Mixed Bag – Soul:R
Spirit – International – Function Records

Sentic Cycle – Ascent – Citrus Recordings
Mark Kloud – Levels – Sublimate Records
Lynx feat Radzta – Loopy Sue – Detail Recordings
Ill Truth – Tear Up – Symmetry Recordings

Protagonist – Hakumen – Onset Audio
Yushan – Hitchhike – ???
Ghoulcut – Pirateer – Onset Audio
Concealed Identity – Third Stone – Ronin Ordinance
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Neptune – 31 Records
Margari’s Kid – Lost Brightness – Cosmic Bridge
Soul Intent – Into The Unknown – Lossless

Kontrast – Open Road – Lockdown Recordings

Dave Owen – Hydro Soul – Soul Trader
Solid State – Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) – Renegade Recordings

Klute – Galaxian – Commercial Suicide

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