Part three of the „first timer“ series takes us back to 2011, the first year Marky joined us in San Teodoro. We had been discussing this for many years – Marky even mentions himself on the recording, that Lowqui was telling him for 6 years to come (basically since Lowqui came the first time himself in 2006). He had to make up for all those years he missed and played an energy loaded 3 hour set! Back then it was the busiest night we had ever experienced in that outdoor area – and it re-shaped the meaning of dancing under the stars for us. That particular night inspired the redesign of that whole outdoor area at Ambra Night, adding a bigger rig and transforming it into a dance arena.

Marky was supported by Stamina MC, MC Lowqui, Deeizm MC Fats and MC Tali, and everybody was on point! He scratched, drummed, upside-down scratched, danced, sang and took everybody on a fantastic journey through the various facets of Drum&Bass. Since then Marky took over the Wednesday night outdoor area at SUNANDBASS and he absolutely loves it! Every year he complains that he can only stay for 3 days as he has to travel to his next tour stop somewhere in Europe. Let’s hope next time he can join us for a little longer and relax a couple of days at La Cinta beach.