Hi there. This is my guest mix for the Rewind DNB crew from Brisbane in Australia. They run a weekly online radio show and asked me to record a mix for them. This one includes a bunch of my favourite recent releases plus a couple of older timeless bits. Cheers to the Rewind crew for making this one possible. If your up Brisbane way make sure you go and check out there events. I hope you enjoy the set.

Tracklist :

Monty “Best Of Me”
Dose “Moves”
Calibre and Jet Li “Least Loved”
Kolectiv “Platoon”
Quadrant “Make Me Feel”
Icicle “Minimal Funk”
The Sauce “Mr Robot”
Commix “Faceless”
Total Science and War “What Now”
Spectrasoul “Organiser”
Total Science and War “Second Wave”
Spirit “Buzzed”
Marcus Intalex “Redan”
Confucious “Reach Out”
DLR “Throwback
Adred “Snitches”
Creatures “5am”
Taelimb “Ruff Stuff”
Kasra and Enei “40hz”
Martyn Nytram “Hostile”