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Jason has been involved in drum and bass for over 20 years, dj’ing, producing and also hosting his own parties in Adelaide, Australia. He was involved in bringing over some of the best in the game for their first tours of Australia, with the likes of Calyx, Teebee, Phace, Misanthrop, Black Sun Empire, and many more.

He decided to start a series of mixes title ‘In:Key’, the purpose of which is to show you all the tunes he is really digging at that point in time and arrange them in a beautiful mix of highs and lows all arranged in:key with one another.


Jason est impliqué dans la Drum&Bass depuis plus de 20 ans, en tant que DJ/Producteur et organisant également ses propres soirées à Adélaïde, en Australie. Il a contribué à faire venir certains des meilleurs de la scène pour leurs premières tournées en Australie, avec Calyx, Teebee, Phace, Misanthrop, Black Sun Empire et bien d’autres.

Il a décidé de commencer une série de mixes intitulée ‘In: Key’, dont le but est de vous montrer tous ses coups de cœur du moment et de les organiser dans un beau mélange très dynamique et harmonique.


Nu-Tone – The Moment (feat. Lea Lea)
Twintone – It´s You On Canvas (Forthcoming Smooth & Groove)
Echo Motion – Frustration
Aaron Static – Spread My Wings (feat. NJE)
Treba – Get Away (DUB)
Bcee – In the Moment
Hocseat & Kontrast – City Lights
Majestim – In The Night
Twintone – Page Turner (Forthcoming Smooth & Groove)
Treba – Inner (DUB)
Bipolar – Culning (DUB)
Bert H (feat. Becca Jane Grey) – Destruct (Forthcoming Erculean Recordings)
Monty – Valid
Alix Perez – Concrete
Facing Jinx – Fear of Losing You (feat. Philth & Formik)(Forthcoming Peer Pressure)
Monrroe & Telomic – Need Nothing
Henry – Out Of The Blue (Forthcoming Bay 6)
Sequent & Skruff – Thread
Induktiv – Vanishing Point
Monika – Storm (Silence Groove Remix)
Phaction – Obsession
PLTX – Hypnotized



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