Cold air hangs thick in the early days of December, winter is here and we have a soundtrack to accompany the tone.

Calibre is regarded as one of the most innovative and prolific producers within electronic music, over the years he has become a definitive figure in Drum & Bass, having elevated the genre in a way in which is celebrated and adored. Originating from Belfast he has recorded music which has tugged at the heartstrings, encouraging a new chain of thought associated with the sound. Albums like “Musique Concrete” and “Second Sun” remain some of the most crucial and important pieces of work to emerge from the Northern Irish producer and he is widely considered to be one of the most significant electronic artists of the past twenty years.

At the tail end of last week Dominick Martin released a new album through his own imprint, Signature Records. It showcases a change of pace for the producer as he focusses on ambient textures and the poignancy of life. It was recorded across a four year period following the passing of a close friend and as such a sombre, humble sense of honest self expression runs throughout. Titled “Planet Hearth” the album was written in Valentia on Ireland’s west coast. It’s a beautiful record which highlights his own approach to music and offers an insight into the soul of a musician who has contributed so much.

We are hugely honoured to be able to present a mix from Calibre which showcases ambient music, past and present.