Promo mix I have done for the upcoming Jungle Syndicate event in leeds!

Track list Below

Dom and Roland – Soundwall VIP
Breakage- Acid Rain VIP
Sumone- Guncheck
Bkey – Last stand (nebula remix)
Technical Itch – Quad
Friske- Traitor
Technical itch-The Ruckus (Dkay VIP)
Champa B- Deception
Drum Cypha- Burn cycle
Dylan & Loxy – Retribution
Snyde & Kreig – Folie a deux
Empire X – Sick of it
Babyshaker – Earthbound
Asymmetric – Grindah (remix)
Infammy – Flying swords
Counterstrike, SPL, LImewax – Killing Machine VIP
Raggamuffin & Sargy – Non Conformist
Future & Antidote – Asteroid space