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Day: 8 November 2019

Dieselboy – Dance The Way I Feel

SPOILER ALERT – I LIKE HOUSE MUSIC. I built a career off of playing Drum and Bass. It is what I am known for. I’ve spent the last 28 years of my life trying to be the absolute best DJ I can possibly be. The best technician. A “DJ’s DJ”. During my life behind the decks I have experimented playing a wide array of musical styles – House, Techno, Trance, Breaks, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, you name it I have probably dabbled in it or even played an entire set of it over the years. And after all this time I can say that House music is as near and dear to my heart as Drum and Bass. I love the vibe and the groove and the egalitarian nature of it. It is music for the (party) people. Back in April I decided that I wanted to showcase MY kind of House and started up a monthly event at Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn called “Dance The Way I Feel” with my friend Maks P. It is a fun night where I get to push tons of filtered disco house, tech house and techno (good vibes guaranteed!). This mix is a […]

RH+ @SignaII_FM 27.10.19 – Dispatch headliner mix

PRESALE: EVENT: Follow: Tracklist: 01 Kyrist – Force of Habit (Dispatch, 2017) 02 Fre4knc & Nickbee – Recursive Function (Invisible, 2018) 03 Kyrist & HLZ – Konflicted (Dispatch, 2018) 04 Kyrist – Hoodlom (Dispatch, 2018) 05 Grey Code – Piece of me (feat. Think Twice) (Metalheadz, 2019) 06 Grey Code – Horus (Principle, 2019) 07 Grey Code & SubMarine – Flamingo Club (Methlab, 2019) 08 Grey Code & Mystic State – Paranoid Reflections (Dispatch, 2018) 09 Fre4knc & Silvahfonk – Rebus (Critical, 2015) 10 Missin – Need (Grey Code remix) (Bandcamp, 2018) 11 Kyrist – The Drifted (Addictive Behavior, 2017) 12 Fre4knc & Amoss – Vortice VIP (Dispatch, 2017) 13 Bredren & MC Swift – Legion (Fre4knc remix) (Flexout, 2017) 14 Fre4knc – Fender Bender (Critical, 2015) 15 Kyrist – Geometry (Fre4knc remix) (Dispatch, 2017) 16 Kyrist & Document One – Move this way (Dispatch, 2018) 17 Kyrist & Philth – Empyrean (Dispatch, 2018) 18 Grey Code – Atom Rays (feat. Ray Uptown) (Methlab, 2018)

Clash DJ Mix – Redeyes

French producer Redeyes is renowned for his fluid take on drum ‘n’ bass, constructing a catalogue peppered with soulful breaks-laden rollers. With a new EP in hand, Redeyes steps into the mix for Clash…


//artists @mindscape //label //label //tracklist ID – ID Missin – Dread Imanu – All Talk InsideInfo – Whistler Kutlo – Luck Powder Chris.SU – Teflon Soul feat. Hijak MC ChaseR – Railways Disphonia – Careful Mean Teeth – Erosion State of Mind – Psychopath Agressor Bunx – Power Glow Maztek & Gridlok – Gladiator (IHR remix) Murdock – Alien Gridlok – Insecticide Nais – Breaking Up Malux, Prolix & Jakes – Flip Out Maztek & Aeph – What You Got (Optiv remix) Computerartist – Crank It Up MNDSCP – Hogzilla Proxima – Infected Erb N Dub & Tony Anthem – Monsta Stomp feat. Coppa MNDSCP – Vertigo State of Mind – Doomsday Vici feat. Miss Understood – Glow (The Caracal Project remix) Nesium – Contradict Vowel & Mason – Sentinent ChaseR – Technical Moves The Outsiders – Deviation Malux – Lock Off Vowel – Borderline Document One – Vibration Survey – Far Gone Bl4ck Owlz – Alternating Current Des McMahon – Tipping Point Gydra- Verse Tonjin Alibi – Directions Nuklear & Mindscape – Side Tracked InsideInfo & Mefjus – Pulsation (Annix remix) Borker Brothers & Smeerlapp – Future Shock Teddy Killerz – Red Light Fade […]

RUMBLETON – Formless Promo Mix XI

Deep jungle cuts from Rumbleton ahead of next weekend’s Sat 16th Nov event . . . Formless 4th Birthday @ Rebellion, Manchester 16/11/19 – KLUTE (90s jungle set) / PRESHA & LAST LIFE / DJINN & SB81 / RUMBLETON / ILK / ARTILECT & ANTAGONIST / FOX MC / LONGMAN MC . tickets :

Mel C Featuring Meraki

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