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Day: 9 October 2019

Back To The Future #66

We’re back again with our next podcast, 66 to be precise! A stripped down 2 mix special! 83 minutes of tracks from the end of summer right up to this month. The usual blend of beats and labels from across the scene, every dnb sub genre represented… even the much maligned and DEFINITELY real sub genre of ‘Rollers’! 😂 Thanks as ever for joining us. Always appreciated! d mix Signal, DLR & ABIS – Artworld (Sofa Sound) >> LSB – Space Stepper (Footnotes) Sustance – Swank (SGN:Ltd) Garvo – Rok Steady (CNVX) Total Science – Nosher (The Sauce remix) (C.I.A) Survey – Far Gone (Dispatch) ABIS & DLR – Deeper Understanding (Sofa Sound) Ulterior Motive – Trip Hammer (Guidance) DLR – The Same Step (Sofa Sound) Kasra – Cold Wave (Critical) Break – I Need (Symmetry) >> Krust – Set Speed (V) Alix Perez – White Lies (1985) Ben Soundscape, Ill Truth, Roy Green & Protone ft. Rick Payne – Diversion (Dispatch) Enei ft. Anastasia – Limits (Critical) Ill Truth & Satl ft. Charli Brix – In Your Soul (Lenzman remix) (Symmetry) Halogenix ft. SOLAH – Out of Line (Critical) Alix Perez – Vibrations (1985) dBridge – So Lonely (Satl […]

Noisia Radio S05E40

Noisia Radio this week: We start things off with Posij’s ‘Dive’ and then go into ‘Lucid’ by Thys, his ‘Music From Sleeping Beauty Dreams’ EP is out now on our Division imprint. More new music by Misanthrop, Proxima, Bleep Bloop, Simula and more.. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: ​​ Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: ​​​ Join our Patreon: ​​ NEW! Get a Noisia Radio T-Shirt: ​​​ Follow Noisia: Instagram ​​​ Soundcloud: ​​​ Spotify ​​​ Youtube ​​​ Posij – Dive [VISION] Thys – Lucid [DIVISION] Misanthrop – Deus [NEOSIGNAL] Proxima – Near Shimmer [ENTROPY] Bleep Bloop – Lady Of War [EAT THE BOMB] Stompz – Borehole [SOUPED UP] Whiney – Breadcrumbs (Ft. Bop) [MED SCHOOL] Sound Priest – Black Mirror [SIRIUS] Nick The Lot & Warhead – Out To Lunch [GRID] Nami & Rizzle – Elektron [OVERVIEW] Kodin & Tide – Mouth [EATBRAIN] Ampzer – Phere [SOUNDCLOUD] Signal – Unsure [INVISIBLE] Simula – Hydra [ELEVATE] 1137 – Robbery [FOR THE HEADS] MNDSCP – Radiance [EATBRAIN] Sam Binga x ONHELL – A Mighty Quest [ASTROPHONICA] Wingz – Grey Matter [CYBERFUNK] Tracksuit Goth – Blacksmith [TERRORHYTHM] Posij – A Car That Cranks [VISION] [NOISIA RADIO RELOAD] Skylark – Sink [DISPATCH] Bluescreen […]

CBR Podcast 06 // Es.tereo

For CBR Podcast 06, Es.tereo takes us on a mystical and tribal journey of deep rollers, along with plenty of unreleased material from the man himself. EARTHBASE03 – Es.tereo – Ra Get the 12″/Download: Here’s what Es.tereo had to say on the mix: “This mix is a fusion of the different styles of 170 bass music that have had a strong influence on me. At the moment, this mix represents the very modern interpretation I get from this area of bass music; this is what takes the music to the next level for me. This really drives me, and brings back the fun and energy of this genre. Ready for dancefloor.” Tracklist: 01: Theme – ??? 02: Subp Yao – Let em Drown 03: Uncertain Hour – Run 04: Skeptical – Fibonacci Sequence 05: Shiken Hanzo – Shinto Muso 06: Es.tereo – Temple Of Ra 07: Moresounds – Warriah VIP 08: Es.tereo – ??? 09: Fixate – Firewater 10: Es.tereo – ??? 11: Es.tereo – ??? 12: VROMM – Decentralized 13: Mahakala – Tomahawk 14: Fixate – What Goes Arround 15: Es.tereo – Ultimas Breath 16: Moresounds – Shut Up 17: Root For The Villain – This Is The […]

Current Value // SENEX LP Mix

Pre-order vinyl: Artist // Current Value Release // SENEX LP Label // MethLab Recordings Worldwide Release Date // 17.12.2019 CURRENT VALUE returns to METHLAB RECORDINGS with his SENEX LP, which features twenty one of his most technical and innovative sonic works on the like minded label. A twin release with its more upfront & riotous cousin PUER delivered via Souped Up Recordings, SENEX displays its half of the CURRENT VALUE sound with an expansive array of sonic sequences marked by their forward thinking sonic character and the singular timbres for which CURRENT VALUE is known. With SENEX, CURRENT VALUE delivers one half of his joint 11th and 12th albums as he explores his most experimental sonic leanings to both a further breadth and depth than ever before upon the METHLAB RECORDINGS label. WHEN YOU BUY SENEX, YOU WILL GET A DISCOUNT CODE FOR THE PUER LP – THE COMPANION RELEASE ON SOUPED UP RECORDINGS. THE DISCOUNT CODE WILL BE SENT TO YOUR EMAIL WITHIN 3 DAYS OF PURCHASING SENEX.