Family Of Intelligence – Champion Of Champions Part 2 [Kemet]
D.J. Solo & D.J. Rossie – Sureshot [FX]
New Vision – Way Of Life [Fundamental]
Shades Of Rhythm – Peace Sign (Ray Keith Remix) [Labello Blanco]
Terry Tee – So Many Yout’s [Knowledge & Wisdom]
Omni Trio – Soul Promenade [Moving Shadow]
DJ Monk – Time [K.L.P.]
II Vex Crew – Untitled (Mix 3) [Jahmahl]
Dopestyle – You Must Think First!! [Ganja]
DJ Fokus – Media [Suicide]
Berty B & Dillija – Art Of Control [Lionheart]
Potential Bad Boy – Brok Wild [Ibiza]
DJ SS – Armshouse [Formation]
Tom And Jerry – Who Kan Draw [Tom & Jerry]
Alex Reece & Wax Doctor – Frequency [Radioactive Kids]

XTC – Jungle Mania ‘Civilisation III’ – 8th October 1994