Vilen debuts for Erculean Dark, and this is a top quality release from the Australia based producer. The release is titled ‘Hyperbolic EP’, and it’s definitely very creative. Title track ‘Hyperbolic’ is a treat to behold, and very different with some very techy flavours. The attention to detail in the percussion is fantastic, very clean and crisp. With a very effective progressive synth layer which appears back and forth throughout. The bass is punchy and effective with a minimalist style, and it’s quite refreshing. Accompanying the title track is ‘Penny Dreadful’, with a beautiful opening sequence with a nice progressive synth layer yet again. The bas and percussion combo works really well, and the vocal is sublime and works a real treat. It has a nice groove and the flow is excellent, with some very unique sounds. This is a great little tune from the Aussie producer. Each layer represents something worthwhile in the project, a truly brilliant track. And last but certainly not least is ‘Snakebite’, and this is different again. With a real dark opening sequence, and an eerie synth layer accompanied by the punchy kicks it really does sound well. The drum and percussion sequence is nice and minimalist but very effective. But although it’s very minimalist it’s very effective with some obscure sounds appearing as overlays. The creativity and attention to detail is very impressive. This is another fine track by Vilen, and it adds to make a very good solid EP. Erculean Dark proudly presents: Vilen – Hyperbolic EP.

Vilen – Hyperbolic EP
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