Technicality Sessions returns with a brand new installment from London-based Basic Rhythm. Adventurous & slapped to a T, this one’s sure to keep you vibing on through the summer heat!

Hailing from the pirate days of underground radio, Anthoney Hart featured most notably on Rude FM and quickly became entrenched in London’s dance scene.

In 2016 he started the Basic Rhythm alias as a means of recontextualizing a dance music past, drawing upon his pirate years, while still pushing forward into new territories to emerge with more overtly dance floor material. Recorded primarily with the DJ in mind, Basic Rhythm’s tracks are colourful, brutalist and adventurous contemporary hybrids, their angular rhythms drawing on Britain’s dance heritage, but with an eye firmly on the present. He founded Raw Basics in 2020 pushing Modernist Hardcore & Future Funk. Keep your ears peeled for forthcoming releases on Planet Mu & his Raw Basic imprint.

Get set for the Summer Season as we go wider, brighter & harder!

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Tracklist –
Grace Jones – Operattack
Basic Rhythm – Turning Me On (Gremlinz Remix)
Cleyra – Shafted
Basic Rhythm – Machine Music
Fracture – Latee Killer
Cloud Lord – Heady One
Mark System – On Top
Fracture & Nah Eeto – Shada Shada
Basic Rhythm – Turning Me On
Fracture – Your Time
Overlook – Video Nasties
Loxy, Ink, Resound & Gremlinz – Headz Roll (Remix)
Mirage – Feel My Dreams (Homemade Weapons Remix)
Blood Trust & Kid Drama – Transparent Blue
Resound – Sapiens
Friske, Gremlinz & Aspect – Nailgun
Basic Rhythm – Still
Blood Trust – Gangstalking
Basic Rhythm – Nemesis
Basic Rhythm – Cool Down The Dance (Loxy Remix)
Basic Rhythm & Blood Trust – Blood Rhythm
Loxy & Resound – Black Hole (VIP)
Basic Rhythm – Dread
Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture’s Astrophonica Edit)
Loxy & Resound – Fall (VIP)

Technicality Session Vol. 4 – Basic Rhythm
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