New podcast #146 straight from NYC, mixed by Adred!
Known for his personal touch in track selection, honed from years exploring various genres, Adred’s mixes strike a balance between brutal delivery and emotional depth, earning him a reputation for intricate and diverse musical layers.


Adred – DUB
Seba ft Blackeye MC – war on music
Breakage – Deadly Rhythms
Philth – The Teacher (Bredren remix)
SD – Cuts
Calibre – Dark Paths
Ed rush & Optical – Alien Girl
Mantra – Burn and Heal
Jesta Park Shadow – Puppet Regime
Dunk – Jericho
Sully – Nights
Detboi – Metal on Metal
Halogenix – Take Me Away (ft. dBridge & Steve Spacek)
Brainwork & mnml – LIF
Adred – DUB
Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever
Adred – Last Man
Adred – DUB
Calibre – Acrobat
Marcus Intalex – Africaa
Adred + Cory James – Bowery After Midnight
Adred + ArpXP – DUB
Adred Just a Moment
Adred + Dave Owen – Break Away
Adred + Robert Manos – Lazy Jungle
Adred + Shaper – DUB

SUNANDBASS Podcast #146 – Adred