Philth went live in the mix exclusively for Dispatch Recordings (to a great response) on the evening of 07/02/2021 via our FB channel, the 1 hour & 45 minute set features music from the ‘Full Moon EP’ and plenty of heaters.

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‘The Full Moon EP’ sees Philth & Wreckless join forces for a project created during two sessions at Philth’s studio. With their solo work making up some of our favourite tracks on the label, this combination of artists makes the EP quite special.

Sharing a love of classic breakbeats and 1999 tech rollers, they made a conscious decision not to over-polish the mixes – keeping the raw edge to the drums and dirty bass textures. Aiming to bring back the rough feel of their favourite older tunes, with arrangements that roll out for the DJ’s.

During these sessions Wreckless noticed that it was a ‘Full Moon’, just as the title track was taking shape – a drum led track that grows and develops throughout, balancing layers of subtle additions to the driving weight of the tune.

These concepts are reflected in the artwork, with the ‘tech moon’ representing the meeting of rugged natural sounds and modern technology.

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Philth & Wreckless present the ‘Full Moon EP – Live stream DJ set recording (Audio only)
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