Hailing from Kiev in Ukraine as part of the Cybernetic crew Dub Head has
strived to create a deep, dramatic, hard hitting and scientific sound in the
World of Drum and Bass since 2013. The next years were spent honing his
skills, perfecting the sound, trying to gain the attention and ears of some of
the best technical Drum and Bass labels in the scene. 2015 saw the
release of his ‘Entropy Ep’ on the legendary Syndrome Audio, which
showcased his scientific sound design, strong funk grooves, rich pads and
tight detailed production. 2016 saw him step up to the plate once again,
prioritising the funk and groove in his productions saw Dispatch Recordings
snap up a number of tracks along with his ‘Bad Signal EP’ which reached
top 10 dnb releases on Beatport as well as gaining long term support from
the likes of Noisia, DLR, Icicle and Hype as well as many other World-class
DJ’s and Musicians. With so much ability and knowledge Vitalii felt the urge
to start up his own studio called ‘Black’ where he’s a teacher and sound
engineer, with such an incredible to start to his career and the perfect
platform to move forward who know’s where this man will end up in the
next few years?… one thing is for certain it will definitely have the funk!

Interface Podcast #18 by Dub Head
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