“Take a deep deep breath and slowly…begin…to relax”

Inspired by the classic albums and mixes from DJ legend LTJ Bukem and more than a decade in the making, “Heavy Breathing” is Dieselboy’s full-length all liquid drum and bass magnum opus and a love letter to the form. This stunning 130 minute / 108 track mix was curated from thousands of tunes he has collected for this project since the early 2000s, and painstaking care and attention was given to weaving a stunning tapestry of double and triple drops and multiple layers of edits, loops and samples in order to bring this creation to life. Designed for use as a subtle background soundtrack and loud sessions when good vibes are desired, “Heavy Breathing” will pull you on an inner journey through deep waves of soul, funk, disco, rhythm, blues and lush ambience. As always Dieselboy brings his trademark mixing style to bear in crafting a truly unique and scintillating long player that bears repeated listens to unlock all of its secrets.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…

Recorded at D.CELL, Brooklyn NY
Graphic Design by Teenage Stepdad

TRACKLIST LINK >> https://ift.tt/39HmiAs

Heavy Breathing