Parisian FX909 MUSIC label created the WORKSHOP serie for all FX909 MUSIC artists and label’s friends. Each time, 1H into Drum and bass at its finest, no words, just music.

JASON IN:KEY DJ MIX tracklist :

Fishy – Between the Lines (Feat Daniela Rhodes) (Forthcoming Ercluean Rec)
FX909 – Look At You (Fokuz Rec)
Colossus – Wake Up (When It Comes) (feat. Jess Ratcliffe & Echo Motion) (Soul Deep Rec)
Nostre – ID (DUB)
FX909 – My Little Star (FX909 Music)
Twintone – Out Of The Blue (Forthcoming Rowtown Recs)
Treba – ID (DUB)
Twintone – Introspective (DUB)
Secret Subject – Are You Awake (Self Release)
Kontrast – Foul Play (Self Release)
Metaphysics – Dreaming (DUB)
Twintone – Instincts (2020 Remix) (DUB)
Higher (Than) – Space Funk (Forthcoming Ercluean Rec)
Treba – Yesterday (DUB)
Ben Rolo – Bicycle Day (Bay 6 Rec)
Exult & SMP – ID (DUB)
Bipolar – ID (DUB)
K2T, Option & Rounder – Heat Stroke (Bay 6 Rec)
Pyxis & Auris – Ribbons (Goldfat Rec)
Exult & SMP – ID (DUB)
PLTX – Tuesday (Self Release)
MidKnight Moon – Weight (Forthcoming Ercluean Rec)
Hocseat – With Me (Fokuz Rec)
Elixr – Nobody like you (Forthcoming Sunny Moves)
Mammoth Task – Memories (Forthcoming Ercluean Rec)
Muwookie & Dug-e – Still (Forthcoming FX909 Music)

FX909 MUSIC Workshop 07 – JASON IN:KEY
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