Fracture – 0860
Full Mixtape

The 19-track ‘0860 Mixtape’ is the full long-playing form of Fracture’s 0860 LP.

The 0860 album is a continuous hour long piece split over 2 sides of C-30. It includes multiple additional tracks and skits (on top of the 8 full length tracks on the double vinyl LP and download / streaming) and is stitched together with fuzz, interference and overlapping broadcasts competing for space on the FM dial.  The full tracklist is below.

Available on limited cassette tape and on streaming platforms here:

Side A

01 0860
02 Maximum Respect
03 Buzzing Crew
04 Technician On The Case
05 Booyka Style
06 Never Eat Shredded Wheat
07 All Of The Massive
08 The Raid
09 Sounds Of The Rush

Side B

01 Wake & Bake
02 First Aid Kit
03 Alongside
04 Bad Traffic
05 Telepathy
06 It’s Alright
07 Kinda Late For A Sunday Night
08 Charlton Crew
09 From The Very Top
10 Blaze

Fracture – 0860 Mixtape