At Kraków’s Unsound festival, the London-based ambassador of footwork and jungle opens up about recent musings about legacy and the art of letting go.

Since her first Boiler Room set went viral (so viral, she claims, it broke her phone), SHERELLE’s career has ascended with a rapidness that even she struggles to fully comprehend. Almost instantly, she went from working a day job at Mixmag to DJing major festivals around the world, where she spread the word of 160 BPM music. Today, the London artist has an NTS residency with long-time friend and partner Naina, has two EPs under her belt and is at the helm of two labels–Hoover Sound and Beautiful. This year, she planned to take her reputation as a producer to the next level with a debut album that was scheduled for release in 2023.

But this summer, every musician’s worst nightmare happened to SHERELLE. After a mugging in Europe, she lost every bit of her music—her DJ repertoire, her unreleased tracks and perhaps most devastatingly, her entire debut album. Discussing this at Kraków’s Unsound festival, however, SHERELLE is chipper and refreshingly wise. In this intimate and hilarious conversation with RA’s in-house critic, Kiana Mickles, she describes the incident as a launchpad for recent musings about the art of letting go, the importance of archiving and how she’s approaching her debut album differently the second time around.

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