Here is episode #23 of The DnB Girls Podcast! Eastern Canada’s LYSIS is in feature for December ~ Behind the decks Lysis is a force to be reckoned with. Her tech-step-influenced sets run the gamut of 175 bpm goodness and beyond, with a taste of everything from liquid to jump up to neuro and more. Her versatile mixing style and bass-heavy blend of underground sounds take the listener on a journey from start to finish ~Enjoy~

Lysis (Thunder Bay, Ontario)


Particle ft. Magugu – Bang
Dub Phizix – Blossom
Thematic – Escape Plan
Survey – Plastic Velvet (Amoss Remix)
Hadley – Talking
ChaseR – System Call
Junk Mail – Lord Terror
Sound in Noise – 13
NLP – Marauder (Original Mix)
DJ Marky, Pola & Bryson – Into the Blue
DOt. – Unknown Lifeforms
Nami – Praxis
Amoss – Tinnies & Ciggies
Ground – Swindle
Visages & Sustance – Acid Heart
Screamarts – Tribes
Vince Grain – Promethazine
Phentix – Wushu (Original Mix)
Kasra & Enei – Easing
Submarine – No Sleep (Original Mix)
Lockjaw – Options (Akuratyde Remix)
QZB ft. Charli Brix – Take it All VIP
Particle – Empires
Revaux – Abducted
Sato – Detroit Lies Bleeding (Phobia Remix) [Wingz Bootleg]
Amoss – Communicate
Klinical – Africa
DJ Madd – Pak Up Ya Dub
Madcap – Step to This
Taxman – Made of Stone
Dub Phizix – Item
Low:r – Get Movin’ (Break Time)
Ed:it ft. Rider Shafique – Undertone

Hosted by Bvitae
Artwork by Iris – Podcast Compilation by Jams

DnB Girls Podcast #23 – LYSIS
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