Badgyal Chari Brix hit us up for a mix and who were we to say no?

She’s a multi-genre vocalist & DJ focusing on Drum & Bass and Electronic music.

Affiliations – Critical Music | Flexout

The mix comprises the range of some influences and people she rates. Gneral bangers and mash ahoy!

Tailor Made [Floating Points Remix]
Blind Jazz – Biome
Digital Mozart – Chord Masters
Ninja – Kercha
Fall Out – Somah & Surreal
Melodrama – Alix Perez
Modus – Foreign Beggars x Alix Perez
Drones – Cesco
Poor & Poverty – dBridge & Skeptical
Marka – Dub Phyzix
Irrational – Sinic
Speed Era – Arkaik
Castell – Trait
Phased Out – ID
Say No More – Phaction x Hyroglifics
Wingwalker – Circuits
Reap What You Sow – Levela x Jakes
Regan – ground
City On Lock – QZB x Rider Shafique

Bowlcut Mix 014 – Charli Brix
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