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After some technical difficulties we are back with the next installment of our regular mix series, Vibe Guide Selects. This month with local DJ Crop a.k.a Christian James.

While you might have caught him playing a range of genres at Lotus Lounge or on Fresh, I believe this is one of his first public Drum & BassDrum & Bass mixes. Christian sent me a mix after meeting me at a couple of gigs late last year, and I was seriously impressed by his style. Weaving smooth Liquid Drum & Bass into deeper and darker styles, if you’re missing the sound of an expertly crafted opening set then you should look no further than this.

There’s one more mix to go for the year guys, and it’s a really good one, I’m super excited for it. I’m hoping to move to switch from a bi-monthly series to a monthly release heading into 2021, so please reach out to me with a mix if you’re a young or a veteran local DJ and are keen to be a part of this project, please let me know.

Much love

Matt aka Bright Eyed

ADLDNB vibe Guide Selects: Crop
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