Happy New Year from the 360 sessions! It’s been a little while since the last episode so Hex is back with a bumper two hour mix featuring tons of the latest D&B and Jungle, plus some new 140 to close out the mix. New music inside from RoyGreen & Protone, Genic, Shodan, Malux, Constrict, War, Tim Reaper, Fracture and many more…

Screamarts – The Circle [Dispatch]
The Outsiders – Adore [Vision]
Particle – No Mistakes [Critical]
Bowsar – LTTVP [Demand]
dgoHn – Nots [Analogical Force]
K2T – Daylight Dancing [Detached Audio]
RoyGreen & Protone – Without A Light [Demand]
Hobzee & Uneven – Aura [Goldfat]
Wreckless – King’s Knight [Dispatch]
Amoss – Pico De Gallo [Flexout]
Maztek – I Know [Guerilla Warfare]
Was A Be – Up to You [Guidance]
Dauntless & Cern – No Quarter [Dispatch]
Skopus – Calibrate The Conscious (feat. MC Tree) [DLT9]
Shodan – ID [Dub]
Counter Culture – Goldfinch [Goldfat]
Tellus – Button Grass [Locked Concept]
Kharm – Colourise [Kharm Bandcamp]
John Rolodex – Pistolero [Machinist Music]
Malux – Jericho [Evolution Chamber]
Genic – Escaping [Dispatch]
Gore Tech – Laying Waste [EXE]
Phace & MUADEEP – Solomon [Neosignal]
CRSV – Colors [Glitch Audio]
Healian – Escape [Ekou]
TRC2 – Cultural Connection [Make or Break]
Quartz – Static [Dispatch]
Evolved – Steam Engine [EP022 Music Tales]
Crawler & Tenebris – LWU [EXE]
Jaise – Take A Closer Look [Metalheadz]
Aleyum & Istoria – Atlantic Odyssey [Celsius]
DJ Trace & HLZ – Airspace [117]
Matec – Endeavour [Calibrate]
Kimyan Law – Cloudwalker [+++]
Arp Nova & Silence Groove – August Rush [31 Records]
Walk:r – Indigo [Carbon Music]
HK Sage – Euphrates [Celsius]
Auris – Evergreen (Dustkey Remix) [Goldfat]
Particle – Business Techno (InsideInfo Remix) [Critical]
ZeroZero – FKNRAVE (feat. JFB) [CIA]
Dan Guidance & Fishy – Dark Mystic [Mathematica]
Enei – Move In Silence (feat. Jakes) [Critical]
Detect Theory – Simpler Times [Celsius]
Paradox – Nord [Over/Shadow]
Molecular – Acid Funk [Sofa Sound]
E-Sassin – Big Things [Onset Audio]
Calyx – Tempest [Critical]
Temam & MVRK – Arcane [NEU]
Kunas – Wings [Sound Museum]
DJ Ride – KNOWITSME [Studio]
Phydra – Eyes [Wonk#ay]
Focal Point – Futurestates [Soul Ex Machina]
EnD – Red Dawn [Suspect Device]
Levrige – Sickness (Captivate Remix) [The Chikara Project]
Screamarts – Everyday [Soulvent]
SAL & Heron Flow – God Trilla [Soul In Motion]
FD – Deep Fake [The North Quarter]
Brainwork – Attached [onesevenfour]
Joakuim – Coldtones [Repertoire]
Hybert Phillips – Memory [Sinuous]
NickBee – Outlands [Paperfunk]
Sindicate – Nexus [Stonx Music]
Spinline – Oasis [Sofa Sound]
Tryst Temps – Dust [Vandal]
Dub Phizix – Lumi [Senka Sonic]
Arcane – Heaven in My Mind [Foxy Jangle]
Surve – The Infinite Sadness [Spearhead]
Sam KDC & Flaminia – Monsoon [Samurai Music]
D Flect & Arcus – Traveller [Tesseract]
Kid Drama – Long Winter [CNVX]
Itoa – Oh No (Instramental) [Exit]
Degs x Hugh Hardie – War Drum Riddim [Hospital]
Yedgar – It’s A Dream (VIP) [Yedgar Bandcamp]
Antariksh Daddy – Jasminoides [Antariksh]
Evasion – Seperation [Influenza Media]
Resound – Gnosis (Dead Man’s Chest Remix) [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Fracture – Buzzing Crew (feat. Bluesy Gee) [Astrophonica]
Tim Reaper – 01 A1 [Future Retro London]
M.S.R – NeptĂș [Section 63]
Tim Reaper – Give Me More [Future Retro London / Amenology]
DJ Sofa – Junglist Respect [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Foul Play – Find the Way [Over/Shadow]
Arcane & Jon1st – Bloodstone [Defrostatica]
RMBL GRMBL – Planet Sirius [Uncomfortable Beats]
skylin – Odyssey [Dark Real Dark]
War – Steamer [Utopia Music]
Thys & Two Fingers – Hodo (MUADEEP edit) [Vision]
Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestic (Constrict Bootleg) [Free Download]
Visages – Mk Ultra [1985 Music]
Lone Drum – You Know [Lone Drum Bandcamp]
Ebb & Ill Figz – C Beams [1985 Music]
Subfusion – Skull Crusher [Metalheadz]

360 Sessions #12
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