Please welcome Yorobi to the 1 More Mix series!

Set to the backdrop of her crucial new release – the inexorably explorative and thoughtful Eden EP on Sneaker Social Club – the longstanding Amsterdam-based artist, producer, DJ, radio host and art historian has gone in deep with this devilish dot-joining escapade that ranges from ambient to jungle via techno, breaks, hardcore and all kinds of fractured flavours in between.

From Jerome Hill to J Majik, Dolenz to Doc Scott, it’s a joyously wide-armed audio assault that blazes boundaries in all directions as the Groningen-raised selector takes us on a journey through her musical passions and inspirations that go right back to the Dutch free party movement in the 90s.

Find out more about this mix and Yorobi in our super deep interview:

Yorobi – Eden is out March 24:

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1 More Mix 040 – Yorobi