Considering Moytra landed onto our playlists in June 2020 – right at the highest summit of that awful raveless drought during first heavy run of lockdowns – he’s cut through the vast oceans of noise and achieved an astonishing amount.

Already the labels on his ever-growing discography reads like a wish-list: Vision, Overview, Incurzion, VALE, Ekou, Hanzom, Demand, Impact, Lost and Data Music have all been blessed with Moytra music, often more than once. In the case of Vision, he’s even had the opportunity to remix the mighty Noisia. Impressive considering he’s not even three years deep into releasing music yet.

The latest in this impressive sonic slew is his Face Your Fears EP. Released on Data Music – one of the earliest labels to support the young Russian talent and champion his sleek, fine-tuned emotional techy tackle – Moytra explains how the EP is the result of him honing his consistency and effectively find his sound.

Listen to the grizzly, wonky funk and detailed production of the title track (fronted by none other than Rider Shafique) and it’s clear he’s found it.

To find out more about the release we caught a moment of his time for an interview:

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