Dj Randall – Mix for The Blast x Rodigan’s Ram Jam

Randall is a long term favourite of ours at The Blast so its an honour to have snared an exclusive promo mix from the great man.

Randall is what they call an original Junglist, the DJs’ DJ. If you ask Andy C or Friction who inspired their mixing style, they’ll say Randall. He started DJing in the mid 80s and after hearing acid house at Notting Hill Carnival and quickly fell in love with rave culture.  After making a name for himself on pirate radio and the illegal rave circuit, Randall’s career really took off with his legendary sets at AWOL and World Dance. He fast established himself as one of the elite of the emerging drum & bass scene, with an unsurpassed tune selection and an impeccable reputation behind the turntables that he has maintained to this day. 

Now over two decades since he started spinning tunes, Randall remains one of the most forward thinking musicians and DJs on the drum & bass circuit so its a huge honour for us to be able to host this mix.

You can catch Randall at The Blast presents Rodigan’s Ram Jam on Friday 13th March supporting David Rodigan alongside Stylo G and The Blast residents. Over 50% of the tickets for this show are already sold so if you don’t want to miss out grab yours now from

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