This mix bounces through different styles of DNB from Jungle, Halftime Dubs Dark and Heavy through to Smooth and Liquid
Featuring some of my favourite mcs and vocalist
This mix has old and new tunes focused after 170 BPM but will fluctuate.
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Track list

1. Harmonics pt1- Daisuke Tanabe kidkanevil
2. Ella- Pete Cannon
3. State of mind – Big Bud
4. Sometime sad day – Rufige Kru
5. Sound man- System
6. Baiana- The Untouchables
7. The Editor- Strategy, Dub Phizix
8. Circuits- Slaine
9. Tag team- T man Foreign Concept
10. Governors Bay- Om Unit
11. Im a creator- Skittles, Dub Phizix
12. Machines- Enei
13. Through the night feat Scotja- Metrik
14. Sculptures- SB81
15. Shadows feat Strange u- Alix Perez
16 Vigil- Block & Escher
17 Live in lie- Eastcolours Nuage
18. You must see- Ulterior motive
19. Freefall- Commix
20. Memento-Spectrasoul
21. Its a new life for me_ Big Bud remix Cybass
22. Quid pro quo- Urbandawn
23. Renegade snares_High Contrast remix Omni Trio

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