In 2011, Fedi entered the world of electronic music and went to her very first Dubstep rave. Ever since, she had big respect for people that make it all happen – DJs, Producers and Promoters.
Somehow she found her way into drum and bass and after a few years joined the biggest dnb crew in her home country – Trident as a promoter.

After she left Slovakia and decided to live in the UK for a while, she taught herself to mix in her bedroom. After a couple of months she got her first gig. She played gigs in countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and the UK. In her mixes you can hear deep techy & stompy
sound with occasional liquid vibe. Lately she got herself into music production, where she’s been learning from the producer Arkoze all the basics. They have a couple tunes done already and are currently working on the
EP as well as they started their 6weekly mix series ‘Deep Within’.

1. dBridge – Dead Peak
2. Dj Gaw & Kumo – Jah Stepping
3. Mohan – Amen Horror
4. Dunk – ID
5. Sequent x Skruff – Overdrive
6. Sym:bol – ID
7. Ferice – ID
8. Arxiva – ID
9. Symbol – Undecided
10. Dystopian – Colossus
11. Dj Gaw – In Flight
12. Alix Perez – Burning Babylon
13. Skeptical – Catch 22
14. Arkoze – We’re Not Alone
15. Gest – Deja Vu
16. Bungle – Cocooned
17. Dunk – ID
18. Shadows – Cracks
19. Villem & Mc Leod – Perfect Lover

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Unchained Mix Series 047 by Fedi Minikin (UK)