Presenting Volume 5 of the Technicality Sessions: Tim Reaper.

@Tim-Reaper first fell in love with drum ‘n’ bass after discovering @AndyC_ram ’s @Mixmag-1 cover CD as a teenager. Countless hours followed, spent devouring jungle’s deep history – and later attending infamous club nights like @Rupture and our own Technicality.

Since 2010, he’s earned a reputation within the 160+ realms for carving old-school energy into undoubtedly forward-thinking productions. His music has been reaching ears across the underground spectrum, in part thanks to the release of the ‘Cityscapes’ four-tracker (@Lobster-Theremin) and a collaborative EP with Special Request on @iamsherelle and @NAINA_ldn ’s @Hooversound Recordings. Followers of his will also be familiar with his releases on Globex Corp (co-run by @Dwarde) over the years.

Also a DJ and radio host, as well as the owner of record label Future Retro, this mix combines Reaper’s numerous talents harnessing the frenetic energy of classic sets whilst paving the way for a new generation of artists.

Expect organized, intoxicating chaos.

Full tracklist:

DJ Fokus – Get A Bearing
DJ Crystl – Warpdrive
DJ Dance – Indi Bass
DJ Pulse & Alex Reece – Kudos
Harmony & Xtreme – Watch This
Warrior Bass – Pulsar
Lemon D – Feel It
DJ Easy – Pitch Black
Jack Horner – The Hoover
Natural Forces – The Solid Rock Tune
Natural Mystic – Privacy
The Truper – Vol. 1A
Mad Dog – My God
Dubtronix – Fantasy (Remix)
DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science – The Rumble (Mad Ragga Jon Remix)
Rups – Majestic B-Line A1
Loxy & Technician – Roll Call
Ragu & Stalker – Love Comes ‘N’ Go’s
Majistrate – Run It
Dillinja – Deep
Uncharted Territory – Uncharted Territory Part 1
Equinox – Extreme Justice
Big Vern – Big Bass ’94
Brown & Dangerman – Dreams Of Another World
Peshay & The Truper ‎– Untitled (Side A)
Jason Mouse – Ruff Note
DJ D Lux – Taking Me Higher
DJ Flatliner – The Big Bang

Technicality Session Vol.5 – Tim Reaper
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