Adrenaline | Fourward

Heavyweight producer Fourward steps up for the next Adrenaline episode. With their new LP ‘Lose Control’ acclaimed internationally, the duo confirms once again their rank in the top basket of the drum & bass scene. Tracklist on our website:

Adrenaline | Muzz

With an astonishing album launch live stream, MUZZ has reached new heights, carving even further into the history of drum & bass his rock-influenced music. He’s our artist of the month with an exclusive guest mix presenting his new album.

Adrenaline | Arkaik

Deep drum & bass master Arkaik is a stranger to no one. After nailing his remix for the Bredren boys on Demand Records while picking up our ‘Premiere Of The Month’ spot, he now steps up for December’s Adrenaline episode.

Adrenaline | Data 3

Talented trio Data 3 bring their mesmerizing yet dancefloor-smasher sound design to the Adrenaline series. A delightful 50 minutes journey into their ear-pleasing musical world. Tracklist on our website: @data3 Contact us ‣ ‣ ‣

Adrenaline | Charli Brix

From her stunning vocal performances to her fine-tuned DJ sets, Charli Brix is definitely in a league of her own. With a balance yet thrilling guest mix, the Bristol-based artist makes a perfect debut on the Adrenaline series. Tracklist on