Shogun Sessions – Lens

Lens is next up for Shogun Sessions, bringing a darker edge with a mix of jungle-influenced dnb, we were very hyped to have this Brighton-born DJ & Rinse resident in the office. follow the Shogun Audio Official Playlist:​ ⥬

Shogun Sessions: Harriet Jaxxon

Stepping up to the plates for the next Shogun Sessions is Harriet Jaxxon, bringing some incredible triple-deck madness, and playing a (slightly) deeper set for us, that is still full of energy! follow the Shogun Audio Official Playlist:​ ⥬

Soul In Motion Agency Mix001 / Monrroe

Monrroe – MIX001 – Soul In Motion Agency The first mix in our new mix series comes from Monrroe (Shogun Audio / Spearhead Records / Liquicity). For bookings contact Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Bookings:

Onyx Sessions 022 – Monrroe

As expected Monrroe showcases why he’s a force to be reckoned with for his Onyx Session. Enjoy! Monrroe Socials: Shogun Audio: Onyx Socials: TRACKLIST: Monrroe & ID – ID Bop & Subwave –