Bubblers: Mixtape Part One

The first instalment of the Bubblers: Mixtape series. Thanks to Inja, Degs, Ben Verse, Unglued, Etherwood & Keeno for the shouts. _____________________________ Bubblers: Part One EP out now: https://ift.tt/2Z1RnKX https://ift.tt/1Wm4NJQ https://ift.tt/3eWkQM9 Tweets by whineymusic https://ift.tt/3f7oGSs

DLPC #046 – Electrosoul System

DLPC #046 – Electrosoul System (ru) “dōmo arigatō, mr. roboto” https://ift.tt/14XDawi https://ift.tt/2IUO0P1 tracklist: 1. Electrosoul System – Temper 2. CRBRL – CTS – – ATDBDUV4170 (dreadmaul Remix) 3. Ah Cama Sotz – Ereshkigal 4. Eirwud Mudwasser – Shivers (DJ Normal