It’s the start of the May bank holiday weekend and we’ve only got the American Queen of DNB making an appearance on our isolation mix series!

To fans throughout the world, the name Reid Speed is synonymous with the legacy of American Drum & Bass and the history of the North American Heavy Bass movement. Consistently ranked amongst America’s best DJ’s for the past 2 decades, she’s known for her straight up skills on the decks, always delivering a satisfying musical story and effortlessly mixing between genres on the fly. Her regular broadcasts (Speed of Sound, the Bass Station and Full Speed Radio) reach thousands of listeners each month, while her original productions consistently land in high profile playlists and top DJ’s sets alike, keeping her fans excited with her ever-evolving styles. Her award-winning Play Me Records label has introduced more top talent than any of it’s kind and solidified Reid’s place in the industry as a respected tastemaker and curator.

Over the last few weeks, @chakra_sounds say been exploring all genres from Drum and Bass to 140/Dubstep, Disco and House + loads more.

At the beginning of April, we started a mix series featuring a range of artists, all to be announced over the coming weeks. With all events cancelled until further notice, The Chakra Sounds Collective will be bringing you all the music you desire right to your home via our Soundcloud.
Stay locked in, Stay at home!

Track List:
1. Logistics – Brand New Beginning (feat. Inja) (Hospital)
2. D-Code & Psylence – Just Might Fall feat. Meron T (D&B Mix) (Program)
3. Salaryman & Covert Garden – Open Your Eyes (Program)
4. Avicii – Fades Away feat. MishCatt (Dope Ammo Remix) (Dope Ammo)
5. Rockwell – Isolation Ritual (Obsolete Medium)
6. Hillbrook – Broken Love (Viper)
7. QZB – City On Lock feat. Rider Shafique (Critical)
8. OaT – Confession (T3k)
9. Mefjus & Camo & Krooked – Sidewinder (VISION)
10. Mizo – Bad Form (Eatbrain)
11. Inkboy – Red Teeth (VIP) (Technique)
12. Madface – Never See Your Face Again (Viper)
13. Karimoo – Bring it Back (Play Me)
14. AKOV – Lights Out (ProgRam)
15. Document One – Throwback (Technique)
16. Zero Zero – Shake Your Booty (ProgRam)
17. Salaryman – Deeper Groove (ProgRam)
18. One87 – Bullit (Dispatch)
19. Double Helix – Foreshadow (?)
20. Xeomi & Kaiza – Sextant (Bad Taste)
21. Enei – Ghost Boat (Critical)
22. Malk – Blow (?)
23. Kings of the Rollers feat. Redders – Round Here (Hospital)
24. Burr Oak – Hawkeye (Eatbrain)
*Emperor – Backchat feat. Dread MC (Critical)
25. Current Value – Access Point (MethLab)
26. Cod3x – Rock The Show (Eatbrain)
27. Millbrook- Go Numb ft. Andrin Haag (Viper)
28. Halogenix – Line B (Critical)
29. Focusfire – Catacombs (ProgRam)
30. Bensley – Secrets feat. Sarah Carmosino (Flite Remix) (Ram)
31. John B – Up All Night (Metalheadz)

Reid Speed Isolation Mix #29
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