Seminal mix of alternating Moving Shadow b2b Suburban Base hardcore/jungle classics from Kenny Ken, CD2. Nicely stitched and boosted, I’ve also attempted to fix the tracklist – if anyone spots errors, do shout. Enjoy!

> Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – R Yeah
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)
DJ Rap & Aston – Jeopardy
Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune
DJ Hype – Roll The Beats (Remix)
Omni Trio – Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix)
Johnny Jungle – Killa Sound (Pascal Remix)
Aquasky – Dezires
Mikey James – Do You Dream
Essence Of Aura – Northern Lights (Remix)
Pure – Positive Steps
Renegade – Terrorist
Remarc – R.I.P. (DJ Hype Remix)
Foul Play – Stepper
Run Tings & Liftin’ Spirits – Come Easy
Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Remix)
The Dream Team – Stamina
Cloud 9 – Jazzmin (Tango Remix)
Marvellous Cain – Jump Up
DJ Harmony – Let Me In
Basic Movements – Jelly

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Kenny Ken: A History Of Hardcore CD2 (1995)
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