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It’s now 19 years since my original Trance & Bass mix first came out – as a special Mix CD on the cover of Mixmag Magazine. It was definitely an important moment in my career & exposed what I do & how I play to a bigger audience, and also I think a really cool snapshot of what was a really exciting time in DNB, that any of us that are still around will look back on fondly. Big thank you to everyone at Mixmag who helped push the idea of this CD and thought of inviting me to do it, all those years ago!

I’ve been streaming live DJ sets & working hard on my visuals and general Twitch stuff for over a year now, to get through the ‘situation’, to the point were we’ve got over 8000 followers in the ‘Loft Crew’ (I broadcast these from my loft, as was very obvious in the early days with the strange triangular greenscreen behind me, the shape dictated by the low ceiling and shape of the roof!).

The computer I use for the streaming is now at its absolute limit of what it can handle so there was a bit of lagging tonight – not up to my usual standard, hopefully the music shines through regardless. I’ve got a new PC on the way (and looming mammoth credit card bill as a result lol) to use up there, so the resolution/frame rate etc will be back up to 10/10 shortly!

The plan for this set was to revisit the original tracklist and then continue playing tracks along the same lines, some from the same era in the early 2000s that would have fitted in well back then, alongside more recent stuff, all sticking with that ‘Trance & Bass’ brief.

Huge shout out to all the producers making incredible DNB to this day, whatever the subgenre, and to the guys at the forefront of the Trance & Bass sound back then, and those still pushing it today.

Also a HUGE thank you to everyone that regularly tunes in to my livestreams on Twitch (AKA the #loftcrew), takes part in the community, those that support me with ‘subs’ and ‘bits’ tips/donations – it really helps keep me going, both mentally, and financially. You guys really are the best. Thank you.

I stream DJ sets on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday nights live on twitch at 8pm (UK) [Though I’m giving the Wednesdays a break for the next couple of months to give me some time in the studio and working on video prep for my live Visuals to take on Tour]

Friday nights is for ‘Upfront D&B’ sets, sometimes themed ones – and on Sundays I play Vinyl only – Drum & Bass classics & rarities! Wednesday is for Chilled Liquid Funk DNB – with Beach/Pool/Tropical Island related Visuals.

It’s a lot of fun – make sure you come say hi in the chat when we’re live – I do my best to talk to everyone while I’m playing & even sometimes take requests 😉


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John B Podcast 197: Trance & Bass (Extended) | Twitch Livestream 16.7.21
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