◾On Sunday 23rd May we have JVZ as part of CUE ◾

Loving a spectrum of DnB such as rollers, liquid, minimal, 140 and more – JVZ has been inspired by the likes of Ivy Lab, Alix Perez and a lot of music from 1985.

Currently hosting her own radio station at uni, JVZ can’t wait to gain confidence, meet others and keep learning new skills


Paper House – Skeptical ft DRS
Flying Saucer – Shlump
Bits – Bru-C & Windowkid (Remix)
Look No Further- Ternion Sound
Ooohbahting w/ Aztec – No Plus
Deep Six – Alix Perez
Warrant – Dubamine & Saule
Freak – Unkey
Blood Orange – Drone
Ominous – K-65
Phantonym – Alix Perez
Drum n Bass Wise – Serum Remix
Song & Dance VIP – Randall, Break, DLR
Thinkin Bout You – Warhead VIP
About You – Kiddah Remix
Orca – Shadows
Loa – Kahloa
Simplicity – Razat
What a Ting – L-Side Remix
Road Runner – Bou & T>I
Rob Zombie – Bennie
Too Bad – Taxman

House of Hi-Fi: CUE – JVZ
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