NOS, along with his late brother, Mark, formed the music production outfit Hidden Agenda, who released in the early Drum’n’Bass scene on many influential labels such as Metalheadz, Creative Source & Reinforced.

Following up the Dispatches trilogy on Metalheadz, Hidden Agenda started their own label, Dispatch Recordings, as a platform to release a second album and their own solo material as NOS (Jason) and Max Fresh (Mark). Initially aided by Ant TC1 on managerial duties, Ant TC1 now runs Dispatch Recordings to this day.

Jason stepped away from the music scene for a lot of years, started a family and settled into a ‘proper’ job, always expecting to keep producing and go back to it eventually. Following the death of his brother to cancer in 2016, and much self-examination consequently, he’s making the return, in Mark’s name as well as his own.

Jason has set up a Patreon for a direct link between himself and anyone who wants to join him on this journey back into drum and bass; if you become a patron, apart from his eternal gratitude, you will receive exclusive mixes, unreleased/exclusive tracks, early access and he will try to fulfil as many requests and suggestions for content thrown at him. Put simply, your patronage will allow Nos to get out from under the things that are in the way and get him back in the studio full time where he needs to be!…absolutely any contribution made will make a huge difference to Jason, thank you.

In celebration of this return to music, NOS has created the Journeys Mix series – a retrospective trawl through the Hidden Agenda back catalogue, featuring a mix of classics, rarities and unreleased tracks.

To become a patron and support you can follow the link below –

Be sure to check out the full mix series here

Hidden Agenda – Journeys Mix Part 4 – January 2021
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