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Forbidden Forest @ Hades Hula House

April 15

Forbidden Forest returns for another serving of good vibes, great people and the very best underground electronic music.
We’ve crash landed on a tropical paradise somewhere in the South Pacific.
After getting our bearings, we manage to build a basic shelter and gather enough food and water to survive through the night. But in spite of this, a dark presence still lingers in the warm summer air.
While scavenging for supplies, we stumble across a village, the remains of a forgotten civilization. As we explore further, we realize the island is dotted with these villages, derelict and half consumed by sand. Who were these people? What happened to them? And where have they gone? These questions haunt us as we explore our surroundings – and desperately try to put the pieces together.
In the center of the island sits a black monolith, protruding from the very heart of the forest. We come across it just as the sun is setting. It is surrounded by a dense thicket of trees and underbrush, but the area immediately around it is devoid of all life – as if nothing can grow in its presence.
What’s more troubling are the stone totems surrounding its outer perimeter. They depict a lizard swallowing the world whole. Was this these people’s God? Was it their Satan?
We dare not approach it for fear of what may happen.
Forbidden Forest @ Hades Hula House


Hades Hula House
9/128 Hindley Street
Adelaide, SA 5000 Australia
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