Another month rolls by which means it’s time for another Dojo podcast! Loads of great new music inside this month including cuts from Colossus, Duskee & Disrupta, Om Unit, BTK, Vektah, Kelle and many more, plus unreleased music from Shodan and Hex’s latest release with K2T, Photographs.

Alix Perez – Burning Babylon [1985 Music]
Humanon – Why Should We [Encounter]
Colossus – Dystopian [Calibrate]
MISO – Wrong Dance [P Lab]
Duskee & Disrupta – Sweet Vanilla [4NCY / DarkMode]
AUDBL – I’ve Been Thinking [Bay 6]
Colossus – Fractures [Four Corners]
DJ Gaw, Disrupta & T-Man – Levitate [Onyx]
Shodan – ID [Dub]
Xtrah – Lightning and Thunder [Cyberfunk]
Personnage – Cannonball [Sigrún Music]
Tsuruda – Out Of Pocket [1985 Music]
PAV4N X Foreign Beggars x Silverstrike – MAXIMISE [4NCY]
Dead End – Melted Ice Cream [Sound Museum]
DJ Ride – SMTHINGNEW [Vision]
KOAN Sound – Cryptic (feat. Scann) [Shoshin]
Tenebris – Can’t Sit With Us [Yanked Beats]
Om Unit – Dark Sunrise (Instrumental) [Om Unit]
Marcus Tee – Some People Call It Love [Default]
Skuff – 7 Ate 9 [Audio Entropy]
Wreckless – As Memory Fades [Dispatch]
Cauzer – Form One [Critical]
Vektah – Solarflares [Soulvent]
K2T & Echo Motion – Arctotis (Hazqa Remix) [Detached Audio]
If-Read – Can’t Move [Dissymmetrical]
K2T & Hex – Photographs [Inform Records]
Mystific – The New Order [Fokuz]
BTK – Tunnel Vision [Dispatch]
Ruffie – Unrequited [Machinist]
Xenon – Nobody [Off-License]
Trex & Rider Shafique – Undergrowth [Onyx]
Millstreet – 2049 [Glitch Audio]
IYRE – Āśrama [Goldfat]
Dutchi – Ways Of The Underground [Nurtured Beatz]
Operate – LSD [Overview]
Minor Forms – DYR [Vandal]
Cryptographic – Zone [Inception Audio]
Shadows – Continuum [Context Audio]
The Faraday – Police [Onset Audio]
Heatwave – You’re Sleeping [AGN7 Audio]
Kelle – Krilya [Kos Mos Music]
Eusebeia – Starsign [Modern Conveniences]
K2T – Look Up From the Ground [Drum Army]
ELK – Déchoir [Repertoire]
Freed From Desire (HNGVR x UnoTurbo 160 Flip) [Free Download]
Cryogenics & Eschaton – Antigravity [Omni Music]
Tech Itch – TIDWL003-001 [Tech Itch]
LMajor – Can’t Do It [Astrophonica]
Sully – 5ives [Over/Shadow]
Baba – Cotton Candy [4NCY]

DNB Dojo Podcast #58 – Aug 2021
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