Hex returns with your selection for July and as usual the mix is packed full of brand new heaters! New beats inside from Shodan, Winslow, Peyo, Agressor Bunx, Quadrant & Iris, Able8 and many more…

K Motionz & Duskee – Hack It (Break Remix) [UKF]
Hoax – Space Invaders [Onyx]
Geostatic – Consideration [Delta9]
Screamarts – Is This Even Real [Rebel Music]
Foreign Concept – Kultja [Critical Music]
Alx, Masia & Magugu – Rudeboy (Imanzi Remix) [Skalator Dub]
Subp Yao – Rob Boss [Saturate]
Naiadi & Boredome – Sike [Dub]
Vrum – Synapse [Boundless Beatz]
Liquid Memoirs – Fractal [Bay 6]
Rafau Etamski – Lush Theme [Absys]
Minor Forms – Horizon [Context]
Future Cut & Marcus Intalex – Plastic (Quadrant & Iris Remix) [Future Cut]
Peyo – The Truth [Hyperactivity Music]
Peyo – The Truth (DNB Version) [Hyperactivity Music]
Abstract Drumz – The Answer [Cause4Concern]
MidKnighT Moon – Blizzard [DNBB]
Evolved – Slow Motion [EKOU]
Agressor Bunx – Eternal Frost [Eatbrain]
DJ Chromz & Tim Reaper – Nice ‘n’ Easy [Future Retro London]
k.raybak – Quantum Leap [Universe Axiom]
Millstreet & SOLR – Didn’t Know [Four Corners]
Dan Guidance & Fishy – The Escapist [Celsius]
Jomari – Cycles [Deviant Audio]
Nelver – Time Forward [Live History]
tshabee – Present From You [Demand]
Om Unit – Sleepwalkers (The Mahakala VIP) [Om Unit]
Pacific – Shook [Pacific Dub]
Shodan – ID [Dub]
Beterror & Warm Roller – Milkshake [Warm Communications]
YAANO & Fre4knc – Black Hole [Overview]
Release & Meecha – Pitfall (2021 VIP) [Tytanium Armour]
Dark Ops – Dub Killa [Skeleton Recordings]
Psidream & Special Ed – Street Value [Nightfall]
Shodan – Broken (Molecular Remix) [Warm Ears]
Horde – Focused [Impact]
Sweetpea & Iris – Revolution Not Televised [Sofa Sound]
Darkgray Heart – And So I Let The Water Crush Me [Modern Conveniences]
Mystic State – We Can Help Each Other [The Chikara Project]
Samath – Bampot [Parallel Depth]
gyrofield – Photosystem [Overview]
Hadley – You Never Know [Subtitles]
RNCBL – Floating Dogs [Jungle Pride]
Eschaton & Parallel Ft. Nashira Voices – Drifiting Through Memories (Fishy Remix) [Omni Music]
Orbr – Drunken Noodles [Orbr]
Total Science – Red Carpet (2021 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
Winslow – Sandalwood Nights [Hospital]
Silent Dust – Evil Earth [None60]
Able8 – Slinky [Uncomfortable Beats]
Loxy & Ink – Twisted 3rd Mind (2021 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
In:Most – Mind’s Eye [Soulvent]
Law, Kola Nut & Tim Reaper – True Belief [Future Retro London]
ASC – Slow Down [Over/Shadow]
Greazus – Phantasia [Defrostatica]
M.S.R – Baby [Section 63]
Bombast – All Falls Down (Yung Raj Remix) [4NCY]
Greazus – Like This (feat. Klose) [Defrostatica]
Inja – Explode [Hospital]
Eprom – Dangerous Sound [1985 Music]
My Nu Leng & Skepsis – Hot Flush (feat. Duskee) [Maraki]

DNB Dojo Podcast #57 – Jul 2021
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