RIP MC Fats! Here’s a mix of almost all of the tunes Fats worked on or has vocals featured in from 1992-1995. Of course he was involved with tons of dnb classics after this period, but I thought it’d be fun to dig into the early stuff, as some of these aren’t as well known.

4 Wise Men Feat Fats – Twised
Flex + Fats – Ya Buzzin
Stooge & Fats – What I need (flyboy mix)
Bizzy B & Fats – Lighter Massive
Stooge and Fats – Paradise
Flex – Mercy Mercy
A-Sides & MC Fats – That Style
Cool Hand Flex + Fats – Somebody
Cool Hand Flex – Big Up
Cool Hand Flex + MC Fats – Mind Blowing
Cool Hand Flex + MC Fats – Special Request
Gangster Sound – What’s Going On
Cool Hand Flex- Rhythm Flow
Hopa + Bones – Tings Could Be Better (feat MC Fats)
A-Sides + MC Fats – ??
Cool Hand Flex – Shack Out
A-Sides & MC Fats – Action
Jungle Warrior – Jungle Jesus (Absolution Mix)
A-Sides & Fats – ??
Gangster Sound – Selecter
A-Sides & fats – Teardown

Devnull – MC Fats Tribute (BTTO Radio February March 13th 2023 pt 1)