I was supposed to be in the studio this weekend for a beats session with Mindmapper. But unfortunately public transport made it difficult for us so I thought.
Why not BASED E03 Refixes. Normally I will not mix and record a mix I made all over again so I made some changes to the playlist and hopefully it will go better.
I am critical and occasionally insecure while I also know that this is not necessary. Ultimately, each artist tells their story in their own creative way.

And I will take off BASED E03 apologies to the artists from whom I took out songs in this mix. Just know if they really come in the next mix.
So for the first time and I hope for the last time A “Re Fix” BASED E03 Download Available
For Bookings send a me a message to DJSilvahfonkATGmailDOTcom

01] Senpai – Digital Dreams
02] Platinum Breaks – Everything feat Eden (Bladerunner remix)
03] Carter & Culcalon – Me A Badman ( Carter Dist VIP)
04] Excult and SMP – Prince of Persia
05] Duoscience – Colorset
06] Satl – Just Words
07] Black Barrel – Keep The Beat Going
08] Digital & Response – Lost Life
09] Cosmology – Feel Love
10] Unknown Artist – U.N.I.T.Y
11] Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – A Word With U
12] Unknown Artist – Human Nature
13] dBridge & Jubei – Show Me
14] Lady Black Bird – Collage (Calibre Remix)
15] Geety & Seathasky – Leaving
16] Excult & SMP – Azure
17] Ntropy – DYLM
18] Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Fissure
19] Hugh Hardie feat Kyan – Tearing Me Apart ( Bop & Subwave remix)

Enjoy the ride stay safe healthy and in control of your own body and mind.
really miss u party people hope to see u again at the dance
I will never stop.

BASED E03 The Refix